The filthy cowards keep getting more cowardly…


“Whoever does righteousness – it is for his [own] soul; and whoever does evil [does so] against it. And your Lord is not ever unjust to [His] servants.”


Judgement Day soon… It will catch people by surprise… Anyways… Enemies have hired over a million people to convince my family the events of the last 11 years never took place. Everything they do instantly backfires, but they act all knowing and all powerful cause they hide like cowards. Allah is infinite of Satan. Aliens turning hostile at any point before October 28. Bill Coward Gates. The Coward of Humanity, the Loser of Humanity. Greater the pride, greater the fall. Most hated man ever. Suffers the most in hellfire. Mark Zuckerberg following up as a major loser. All of these Satanists are filthy scum. They take pride in being wicked. I kicked their asses big time. They are going to regret playing hardball with low level prosecutors when I was inviting people with strong Christ blood(Ritika) to eternal bliss. The Ritika case was a whole new level of wickedness. Anyways, hellfire is infinitely worse than CRUCiFIXION. The Satanists deserve it.

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