The Mahdi will be revealed soon


The Mahdi exists and is lurking. He has been alive for more than 1100 years. The truth is the Mahdi will have number one position and me number two in Paradise. The Satanists have lost flat out against me over the last 12 years. This comes despite the fact that I had no prayer or scripture reading background when the Satanists started persecuting me. The Mahdi on the other hand has over 1100 years of prayer and scripture reading background. The Mahdi has a massively stronger spirit than me. Take in mind that prayer strength goes up at an accelerating pace. If the Satanists find and arrest the Mahdi, that will just rapidly accelerate Judgement Day. Everything the Satanists have thrown at me has backfired. They thoroughly tortured, humiliated, mocked, insulted, threatened, stole from, casted black magic and imprisoned me. I feel stronger than ever and that I am going towards infinity at an accelerating pace.

The Mahdi has the ability of using white magic well beyond anyone else on the planet. He can suddenly insert his spirit into people. He has done this to me, my family, Larry Page, Prince MBS, Paul Allen, Elon Musk and more. The Mahdi was responsible for the uprising of the Muslims in September 2012. The Satanists are losing at a rapidly accelerating pace. Technically the Mahdi is the leader of Muslims globally and leader of Iran. The Mahdi has abilities including foresight, mind control, creating diamonds out of thin air and many other things. The Mahdi will be future prime minister of the World and me the President.

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