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I am going to have to say that many times the proposed solution is a problem. Speed limits are a massive example. Speed limit laws and enforcement actually lead to higher death rates. 90% of speed limits in the United States are posted below the 50th percentile of free-flowing traffic. Traffic theory states that speed limits should be around the 85th-90th percentile of free-flowing traffic. Motorway studies show that generally people 10-15 mph faster than free-flowing traffic on motorways have the lowest risk of causing an accident. That would mean if traffic flow is at 75 mph, safest speed will be 85 mph-90 mph. People above the speed limit are actually less likely to get into fatal accidents than those that drive below the speed limit. Less than 13% of fatal accidents involve cars going more than the speed limit. However, a much larger proportion of cars travel faster than the speed limits. The authorities will make the claim that speed limit enforcement is the number one source of safety and to prevent accidents The truth is 90%+ of accidents are due to inattention for 2 seconds or more. Driver inattention goes away at higher speeds. My first 2 cars were the Audi A4. Among compact sedans Audi A4 are most ticketed yet least likely to get into a fatal accident.

Many people say the Covid mortality rate is so low therefore it is useless to have masks, quarantine, lockdowns and other policies. They move further with this argument and say that there was massive unnecessary economic damage, lost freedom and lower quality lifestyle due to these strict policies. However, the reason the Covid mortality is so low is because we had such policies. If those policies weren’t in place easily 10 times more people could have died. Initially during the surge many top epidemiologists were looking for USA deaths into the millions. The medical system would have been massively over overwhelmed. I should note, if there were no strict policies and there were a ton of deaths like above 1M, those very same people that argued against strict policies would be in favor of such policies. They would have complained day and night that authorities could have prevented many deaths. At the time of WHO declaration of pandemic, many top epidemiologists were expecting 7 figure deaths in America. This was based on the case fatality rate and rate of spread for the virus. Then they moved down to lower and lower numbers. Consensus now is that deaths will definitely be below 1,000,000 in USA. 

I keep thinking about how stupid the Satanists are. They are continuing to make more Ava Lynn accounts and blasting more black magic. First off, I see the “Ava Lynn” name as filthy. The person acts like they are trying to “help” e-mailing the “truth” and calling me “hun”(later correspondence) but actually has very evil intentions. Of everyone I know, Lynn Le(Ava Lynn character was based on her) is the most weak-minded and can’t produce kids. The Satanists believed that they can convince me there was no foul play on the part of authorities, I was imagining things, the “authorities” were trying to help and that high-level Satanists weren’t involved. The truth is, I never imagined anything, there was tons of foul play and “authorities” had the intention to hurt me on the order of many high-level Satanists. The Satanists were given false hope on May 23, 2015 when John Nash died on Rory Gates’s 16th birthday. Another thing, John Nash is exactly 18 years older than Trump(the most prominent high-level Satanist). By fabricating I am mentally ill, they thought I would give up my belief in God, my God spirit would be squashed, I wouldn’t hold resentment against high-level Satanists and they would be able to control me through black magic. Then that would allow them to hitch me with a high-level Satanist. Once hitched, they would exert massive control over me. 

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