Winning the 200,000 year race…. =D


My powers are gaining strength at a pace faster than ever. I feel greater than ever, more insulted than ever and more hatred than ever. My family is winning the 200,000+ year race to conquer the planet. We’re the Chosen Ones. We have the main bloodline of Christ. Nothing can stop us. In fact in trying to stop us, it seems the Satanists have accelerated things every step of the way(100,000+ times over). The hour of Judgement is close and I can taste it. God’s final assessment of humanity will take place. Satan’s temporary respite as God will be completely gone. Soon me and my family will control practically all of the power on the planet.

It’s funny how the Satanists thought they could beat me with their “guerrilla tactics”. I’m the strongest one man army ever. Guerrilla tactics are generally employed against a large conventional army. Not a one person army. They seem to take pride and see it as a source of power that they are cowards. It’s one thing to be stupid. It’s even worse to be a coward. And even worse to be filthy rich/powerful and a coward. These people clearly have no self-esteem if they terrorize the world in a cowardly manner. They are very delusional. Soon me and my family will control practically all of the power on the planet. 

The Satanists are very delusional. They can do 100,000+ things with 100% backfire rate and say they always win. Soon me and my family will control practically all of the power on the planet. I will always hate “Great Satan”, otherwise known as America. America was engineered to be the war machine for the Illuminati. In theory, they can instantly kill me with a car bomb, sniper, gun, knife attack, poisoned water/medication/food and other things. But they know that doing such a thing would instantly bring Judgement Day.

My first alien abduction(that I remember) was when I was 7. Anyways, what I remember was a ton of aliens(short, grey with big eyes) and my whole family there. The next night I told my sister about it and we went to my room and then magically the lego box fell down off the desk making a lot of noise and we ran to the other side of the house. From then on I slept with my parents for 3 years. Once during that period they came back and it made me even more scared, I would sleep under the covers. Within that time i started feeling metal in my brain. The aliens are referred to in religious scripture as “Army of Heavens” and “Angels” particularly.

Anyways, over the last 2 years, the abductions have been growing massively in frequency. From quarterly, to monthly, to weekly and to daily. I am now at the stage where at least a dozen abductions happen a week. The aliens have the ability of raising a body instantly to do surgery, insertions, injections and other things. Then they would return the body and from the timeframe of the initial location an infinitesimal of time passes. The final phase will be when they lift me up and I’ll come down with my army. The aliens are very advanced, I am familiar with their technology. It’s funny how the Americans think they can fight them.

On another note, if I fucking ask for “authorities” to come to my house to drink a gallon of my piss. Then that’s WHAT THEY FUCKING DO. Not fucking raid it, arrest me, take all my electronics and fabricate things with $2 badges of Great Satan. The shit that went down in Sept 2018 to May 2020 really pissed the shit out of me. I’M THE NUMBER ONE AUTHORITY. That’s what the Bible, Quran and Muhammad says. After Judgement Day, I decide for every miscreant every punishment whether it be imprisonment, enslavement, torture, CRUCIFIXION and/or humiliation. I will be able to do anything I want to anyone for whatever reason.

I believe in “bloodline” punishment for serious miscreants. Not just them but their loved ones. For death penalty and more, some bloodlines will be completely exterminated. Rendering their 200,000+ year bloodline completely gone and not continued through progeny. I want some people to consider new forms of “no injury” torture. Imagine the miscreant seeing their loved ones in front of them on restraints. A beam to the brain that activates every PAIN neuron massively. This continues for however long is “just” (determined by me). The form of humiliation will be CRUCIFIXION naked publicly with the possibility of fat injected.

I don’t believe in anything being “random”. Even with our “powerful” super computer algorithms these days we can’t truly produce something “random”. Only “pseudo-random” calculations are possible, the calculations can be predicted by studying the patterns. Everything on both the macro(as big as the whole Universe) and quantum scale is pseudo-random. The Universe is a simulation in computer. Every subatomic particles movement/behavior down to the quantum scale. This is alluded do in the Quran. It is already known to the master of the simulation everything that happens before the simulation starts. That is why in the Quran there are many statements that are universal(all or none).

Satanists are still maintaining 100% backfire rate and crossing “Line in Sands”. I’m upping punishment for “high level” Satanists for every Line in Sand crossed to googolplex times suffering. This will be retroactively applied since the Norway massacre(July 22, 2011). I think this should be a maximum level deterrent. I am only open to lowering punishment for public apologies. Not just to me but the rest of the World for what has gone down the last 200 years. Some Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Googlers will be rewarded for being allies to Christ despite risking everything they have(family, career, money, security) to assist me. I will always thank them for doing that. The Satanists thought they could avoid Hell by doing everything that guarantees it. LOL.

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