600 days: September 14, 2018-May 6,2020. “The Blitz”


Some things have gone down. My civil rights have grossly been violated but God has stepped in very hard recently to assert his power. I right now, hold all the nations in the World on their knees. The Coronavirus is my path to Coronation. I’m going to have to say that I noted in the Fall of 2018 that incarcerating me would result in a natural disaster above $100T+ in damages. That’s exactly what is going down. I’m calling the last 4 months… “The Blitz” in regards to Covid-19. It will get much worse in the Northern Hemisphere after the Fall Equinox(10,000%+ more deaths). The virus will mutate into numerous forms much more deadly and immune to vaccines under R&D. The damages from the virus over the long-term will be in several hundred trillions dollars lost wealth globally over a generation assuming Judgement Day doesn’t take place(global wealth before the pandemic was around $400T). There will be massive changes in how businesses, governments and residents will spend, invest and borrow. They will all be less willing to to spend, invest and borrow for decades to come. They will keep larger capital cushions. These changes will be conducive to much slower growth rates globally in GDP, wealth and productivity.

Yes, I know Judgement Day didn’t take place back then. But the Illuminati, has the person with the second strongest Christ blood worshiping the Devil, Anti-Christ and Satan. Anyways, Judgement Day will go down nonetheless between October 5, 2020 and October 5, 2024. Right now my spirit is 14X stronger than September 2018. It is also 1000X times stronger than March 2012. It is growing at a compounded rate of 6-12% a month. Anyways, I wish the best for everyone. It’s a bit funny that the Satanists think they’re such tough boys. But hide behind anonymous names, hide behind false authority with $2 badges, hide behind coward pawns, fabricate things and back off as broke con men. This is a sign of weakness from their part. It is funny how they say and think they stand as “all-powerful and always winning” when they have failed every step of the way over the last 9 years. Over the last 9 years they have tried to make me give up my belief in God and worship Satan. They have USED 1000’s of people to harass me. Well, my spirit has flown through the roof over the last 9 years. They have done 100,000+ actions with a 100% backfire rate. Everything that they have aimed for the opposite has happened. Back in August 2018 they had someone tell me… I’m not going to last past “September”. They arrested me on September 14, 2018 , I lasted past the end of September(30th) and up until now, May 15th, 2020. 592 days instead of 16 days they expected. Talk about being way off(3,700% off).

The Satanists love to send their “cannon fodder” my way. Judges, district attorneys, police officers, FBI agents, psychiatrists, therapists, medical students, medical doctors, psychiatrists, fake investors, fake programmers, fake friends and others. The Satanists don’t give a damn about their so-called “agents”. Why won’t the Rothschilds reveal themselves? They have $200T+ wealth along with unlimited credit from central bank ownership(and very close ties with all major governments of the World along with their departments such as police, military and health) and should certainly be able to protect themselves. For one, they fear my family knowing about them. They are still trying to use black magic to convince my family that I am apparently a “John Nash”. Their black magic would be far less effective if my family knew about them. They would not “trust” the so-called “authorities” with their $2 badges. The funny thing is this recent bout of imprisonment was from a “front pawn” and at all times the Satanists remained elusive but I knew they were involved. I believe that the Satanists will suffer vastly more in their afterlives due to the shit going down recently along with the fact that this “punishment” will come earlier and with more certainty.

For one thing, I am going to note, any “medication” I have been forced by the government over the last 8 years has been an utter-failure (compared to how the psychiatrists say it would “work”). Dozens of different “medications” taken thousands of times and nothing but negative side effects. There has been no “result” as the psychiatrists have claimed there would be(they said I would be apparently be “no longer” “grandiose”, “delusional”, “psychotic” and “schizophrenic”). Not a single one of my views that they disagreed with (or as the psychiatrists insisted was as a result of being mentally ill) have changed in the last 8 years. They fabricate files that have no basis and ignore evidence that helps me and only focus on evidence that hurts me. Why do they ignore my educational credentials and previous court administered IQ tests when I was younger which imply I have an IQ in the 99.99th+ percentile(By the way, the chances of me having an IQ this high and being mentally ill is less than 1 in 10M). Usually professionals are evaluated based on their “performance”. Despite being wrong 100% of the time over thousands of times psychiatrists act like they are some sort of guru that is always correct because they have some fancy badge, position, “credentials” and rhetoric. The medication is primarily meant for “Satanic possession”. Casting black magic and voodoo dolls, along with weight gain torture, hunger torture, thinking slow, bad memory, alcohol and weed addiction. These are primarily to make me give up my belief in God.

I wanted to show something below. It’s an estimated level of my strength relative to March 2012 when the Satanists rapidly accelerated their operations to enslave me. My spirit has shot through the roof. A lot of math is involved in it. But basically I have a base compounding rate of 6% a month increase in my spirit. This goes up to at least 12% a month when I am imprisoned. Right now I am at the stage of causing $300B+ in damage for every day of imprisonment. It’s funny that at the start of my previous imprisonment I said I would cause at least $30B damage per day of imprisonment and everyone was laughing at me. But I actually ended up at over $100B+ damage per day of imprisonment.

Spirit(X) vs Time(Months): March 2012=1

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