Satanic Black Magic


Satanists keep ramping up black magic. The recent fire explosion in downtown LA that injured 11+ firemen is related to this ramp up. Cyclone Amphan hitting Bengal (most powerful record cyclone in Bay of Bengal) is also related to the ramp up in black magic. That Pakistani airliner crash is related too. Recently my dad got a head injury and on the same day I was bitten by spider(s) a dozen times when I was asleep.

The Satanists have black magic can do the following and more: 

1. Remove ideas/memories. 

2. Insert ideas/memories

3. Make you “flatulent”

4. Make you alcoholic

5. Make you desire recreational drugs

6. Make you eat a lot

7. Voodoo dolls to cause pain

8. Make people dislike you

9. Make people like you

10. Have people make “assumptions” about you

11. Make insects and animals attack you or follow you

12. Make your family argue a lot

13. Make you waste your time

14. Make you fearful

15. Make you angry

16. Make you calm

17. Make you sleepy

18. Make you lazy

19. Make you dream about certain things

20. Make people try to get into car accidents with you

I have experienced all of these different black magic spells. The black magic is aided if you drink solutions with satanic energy, ingest things with satanic energy(such as “medication”), smoke things with satanic energy(including weed and tobacco), listen to music with satanic energy(usually pop music), be in contact with someone with satanic energy(physically and/or over distance). The black magic works better if it is casted from a close distance. It works better if the person worships Satan, hates God and/or doesn’t believe in God. Also, denying the existence of Satan and black magic will increase the effect of the black magic on the victim. One thing to note, people related to the black magic I am more likely to see their numbers come up in places such as license plates, receipts, times on clock, numbers on accounts and other things.

The best way to protect against black magic is to be religious, pray, chant and seek protection in God(believe in God, love God and worship God). Also, acknowledging the existence of Satan and black magic will reduce its effect on the victim. The effect of black magic on a person is determined and limited by God. Black magic on me has been waning over the years due to my growing spirit. My spirit grows faster not only from religion, but from violations of my free will by Satan. The Bible, Quran, Jesus and Muhammad(along with many other prophets and/or scriptures) refer to black magic and sorcery. The prophets and scriptures note the penalty is death and suffering in Hell for people who engage in witchcraft. Numerous Islamic countries in the World make black magic illegal with penalties up to death.

I believe the Satanists used black magic on the people involved in my recent case that resulted in me being imprisoned for 600 days. One thing to note about the case, the main person behind it, their address is Bill Gate’s date of birth(28) and state of birth(Washington). There are 13M houses in California and only 2 houses have an address like this. They moved into their house 66 days before 9/11/2001. They bought the house for $529,000(Bilderberg anniversary is May 29). The person’s date of birth is 295th(International form of Bilderberg anniversary) in the year(October 22nd). Their house was the closest to the death of Avishek Dube(this thug which mocked and insulted me for always talking about aliens when I was a kid)of all the people I know on the 66th day of 2009 within a day of S&P making decade bottom at 666. Furthermore, they were closest in proximity to Steve Jobs when he died on October 5, 2011. One more thing to note, the arrest date September 14, 2018 was when Bill Gates turned 22967 days old. The “victim’s” date of birth, her power level, my power level and Rothschild’s power level. Anyways the chances of this is less than 1 in 100T.

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