Filthy Cowardly Rothschilds


On December 18, 2016 I received the following email from someone apparently named “Ava Lynn”:

“Hello! I was on the internet looking up the meaning of my first and last name when I came across your article on Charles deRothschild. I think you would be interested in some info. I was his fiancé. We have been separated for 2 years and I think you have some info on him already and some of it is inaccurate. First off, his name isn’t Charles deRothschild. He changed it legally so that if people saw the name Rothschild on the trading platform people would watch what he was buying, follow him, thereby making the value of the stocks go up so he could sell at a profit. Not that he’s all that great at trading anyways. Secondly, he doesn’t have any insider connections to the FBI or NSA. Lastly, he is a 53 year old con man who has confessed to me back when we were together that he has conned people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and lost it all in the market. Also, he still lives with his mom. Now I want to make it very clear, that this information is accurate to the best of my knowledge and in NO way shape or form am I trying to say anything false, or untrue. I am also making it clear that I am not trying to pass on any messages of any kind to him or anyone in his family. I say this all for legal purposes. I can answer anymore questions you have, permitted that it isn’t illegal for me to do so of course.

Ava Lynn”

The Rothschilds put over 5 years of preparation into this email and it flat out backfired on them instantly in the first sentence of the email. I just wanted to note I am 99% sure that this is Charles De Rothschild writing the email. He is a leading member of the Rothschild banking family and is the Devil. Some things to note about this email, apparently her first name and last name are Ava and Lynn. For one thing, my website and articles didn’t ever come up as top 100 on search engines for Rothschild, Charles Rothschild, Charles deRothschild or Charles De Rothschild. Also, she is looking up the meaning of her name, not his apparently “fake legal name”. So this makes no sense. She shouldn’t have been able to find my website at all looking up the meanings of Ava or Lynn. Additionally, there are no pages out of 100M+ for “Meaning of Ava/Lynn” keywords that link to my website. Note that there are several trillion known web pages indexed by Google and less than 1 in a 100 billion of those webpages link to my website. 

Beyond that I don’t advertise my website at all so there is no chance she could have come through Google AdWords or Facebook. I have visited every page that links to my website through the “linkto:” function on Google and absolutely none of them are in anyway related to the “Meaning of Ava/Lynn”. The primary source of my website hits are  search terms related to Dukascopy and/or my name, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dukascopy Community and Twitter links. Furthermore, if she was looking up the meaning of her first and last name, she would have logically stopped at the first page as there are tons of information on the meanings of those names in the first page of search engines. Another thing I wanted to point out, she desperately wants to convey the fact she is not lying, which means she is likely to be lying and has strong personal benefit in having me believe her. Beyond that, the information on my article and what she claims about Rothschild have massive differences not “some of it”. My article implies he’s worth $300B+(I actually know now it’s much more than this) and has the “authorities” in his pockets.

Top search engine results for “Ava” meaning

Top search engine results for “Lynn” meaning

Search engine results share of traffic by page number
No pages for “Meaning of Ava” keywords link to

No pages for “Meaning of Lynn” keywords link to

Also, she says she is not passing any information to him or anyone in his family. Why would that matter if he is a broke con man living across the country? Furthermore, now she is bringing in his “family” when I never dealt with his family members.  Also, this implies that him and his “family” have the capability and intent to hire agents to spy on me.  Beyond that, why would Rothschild and his “family” be hostile to me if I gave a broke con-man living with his mother hundreds of thousands in March 2012? On another note, less than 1 in 100M people in the World have emailed me about the story. Absolutely none found it through looking up the meaning of “Ava” or “Lynn”. Practically all of the emails are mocking/insulting and no where close to as this long and perfect grammar in the Ava Lynn email even with the special character “é” in “fiancé”. I have never seen such a long personal email with perfect spelling and grammar. This shows this email was well planned and has a lot of preparation behind it. Why should someone go out of their way to send an email to a person she doesn’t know to degrade herself? She’s not some philanthropist, she’s a person that gets engaged to 50 year-old con men. This is also the only instance in my life where someone degrades themselves to me at introduction and desires no financial benefit. I have had hundreds of other people degrade themselves to me at introduction and each and every single one of them desired a financial benefit. 

Furthermore, as I challenged her claims we had an exchange of several emails with each email of her’s showing a rapid breakdown in grammar/spelling. This showed even more desperation on her part.  On another note, this “Ava Lynn” character came into being after I emailed hundreds of threatening and mocking emails to the Illuminati accusing them of being cowards. Assuming my narrative is true, the Illuminati has everything to gain(no death penalty, eternal punishment in Hell, torture and/or humiliated bodies) from discrediting my narrative. Discrediting my narrative exonerates the 10,000 most powerful people in the World from a very harsh ending and after-life. Assuming Ava Lynn’s narrative is true, she has absolutely nothing to gain in her communication with me. According to her, “Rothschild” doesn’t have any money so there would be no point in getting a civil judgement against him from across the country. On another note, Lynn(the last name of the “person” sending the email) is a very rare last name and it is in reference to Lynn Le which is my sister’s friend. Rothschild associates Jenn Gates with Lynn Le. Rothschild offered marriage with Jenn Gates on the day Lynn Le had her marriage(June 30, 2012).

Also, one thing to note, Rothschild has had dozens of people say utterly false things. Including sheriff, police, FBI, psychiatrists, nurses and even my best friends to me and my family. Why should I trust what someone from a Yahoo email address says in light of everything that has gone on? She included two fabricated mugshots of Charles de Rothschild in Chicago to add credibility. When I asked what was the charge for the mugshots. She said it was destruction of property and illegal firearms(I believe she said this to scare me and by the way I wasn’t). When on the mugshots it said battery and harassing phone calls. It wouldn’t take many resources to fabricate it. For example, the Rothschilds used 4,000 FBI Agents and 3,000 other professionals to fabricate that Muslims are behind 9/11(The largest “investigation” in history). They used 1,000’s of “witnesses” and professionals to fabricate the Holocaust myth(The largest “crime” in history). My guess, they just looked for someone who looked like a crook and paid the “authorities” and/or mugshot website to post the “mugshot”. Anyways, near that time Rothschild removed his original profile photo on Facebook. along with removing photos related to him and his dogs on CollarMe(some BDSM junk). This implied that the original photos were his real photos and that he was trying to hide his identity.

Fabricated mugshot #1
Fabricated mugshot #2
Original Rothschild profile back in 2013

Rothschild profile as of 2020
His real image

Another real image

Another real image(note the charm he wears, it is to protect against black magic)

Rothschild crying a river over his FUCKING FITLHY PATHETIC DOGS that I Evil Eye cursed… “The evil eye is real, and if anything were to overtake the divine decree (al-Qadar) it would be the evil eye.” -Muhammad

After the email exchange, they sent half a dozen people over several months to convince me the truth of this email. Including my first soulmate and a friend I knew since I was 12. Every single thing backfiring and they continue with it. 100% backfire rate, lol. For instance, Ankur Chugh contacted me out of the blue and asked to meet up with him after 13.36 years since last seeing me(in Middle School) on February 13, 2017. He was born on the 13th day(August 13, 1990) ,and saw me on the 13th day of the month. It was also 13 months after Rothschild sent the FBI to my house on January 13, 2016. The confluence of Satanic numbers is less than 1 in 10^9. When Ankur contacted right before the meeting he said he wanted to invest $50K. The first thing he said when we met was talk about how much he made per year over the last 2 years. He claimed to make $5K a day trading and $160K a year at a job. That was setup for him to show “credibility” to me(by the way his only calls in February 2017 were to short the S&P and AMZN and he provided no proof of his income/trading claims). Anyways, he wasn’t willing to invest even $1K and instead try to discredit my story about the Rothschilds. After noticing I didn’t believe him, he offered to give me a girl to have sex with. I rejected saying I would only have sex with someone I love.

In regards to the FBI visit on January 13, 2016, it was bizarre for a “broke con man” living with his mother on felony probation to send the FBI against someone who he conned(he can be charged under the securities laws and/or it would be harder for him to “con” people if the government found out he’s a con man). The FBI lied to my family about numerous details and was intimidating my family. At first I noted to the FBI Agents that Rothschild had resentment against me for cursing his dogs. The FBI Agent Jonathan Bauman first said his dogs never existed. Then he admitted his dogs existed after I noted I have saved numerous photos and blog posts about his dogs. His first premise was an outright lie which completely trashed his credibility. Then he went to state it’s not possible for things to be cursed. Believing in curses is a religious view and I don’t see why the government would take a stand on this. In fact it goes contrary to the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The Bible, Quran, Jesus, Muhammad and other religious sources makes references to sorcery and curses. 

Then I noted that Rothschild tortured and humiliated me. Bauman said that never happened without looking at evidence or inquiring about these very serious claims. Furthermore, I alleged that Rothschild was involved in wire fraud and/or mail fraud against me. He ignored these claims despite the fact that it is federal crime and we were still within statute of limitations for prosecution. FBI Agent Jeffrey Cugno wanted to take me and my dad’s number for a therapist to “prove” that it is not possible to curse things because other people believe they can curse things. So first they go from the premise that others(the FBI Agents) don’t believe it is possible to curse things(implying that it is not possible to curse things) and then move onto the premise that other people people believe it is possible to curse things(also, implying that it is not possible to curse things). They basically completely contradicted themselves in a few minutes. It was clear they wanted to intimidate me from my religious beliefs and turn people against me. This confirmed the activity that went down in 2012. So it was clear to me that Rothschild and the government had fear of my religious beliefs and that confirmed I was Christ. They were scared of me cursing others and/or overpowering my enemies with religion. So I just became more religious.

On another note, the fact they talked to me, my mom and my dad yet asked for only me and my dad’s number was due to the fact they knew my mom was traveling to India the next day for two weeks. Also, they knew my mom is religious and my dad is anti-religion. Furthermore, my mom knows more about the law. On another note, that day was the record lottery jackpot $1,586.4M. The numbers are Melinda Gates’s date of birth in international form. The Department of Mental Health therapist that contacted me was named Melinda Martinez. The chances of this is less than 1 in 10^6. She called 3 weeks after the FBI visit to mock me after Rothschild stole and sabotaged intellectual property through one of his agents(a long-term friend of mine for 5 years). This stealing and sabotaging led to $300M+ in losses after the FBI visit on January 13, 2016. Melinda Martinez left a message on my voicemail asking me if I needed any “help” in a mocking voice. She at the same time called my dad and said the “The FBI wants me to talk to your son.” Anyways, I called her up and told her to never contact my family again.

Also, I know Rothschild knows about trading. He was bullish on markets early October 2011. His American Airlines call on December 5, 2011, called the bottom just after bankruptcy was absolutely amazing and had a lot of guts to say publicly(he posted his call on a popular messaging board). He knows about volume surges and herd psychology. Some things he knew about trading clearly put him in the top 1%, particularly that AMR call(by the way the share numbers was with my date of birth and this was the only call he made with my date of birth and the call that performed the best by far out of 50 calls). Over the next three years the call performed 1,000%+. Furthermore, on December 29, 2011, Rothschild Inc reported it was hired by American Airlines in November 2011 for AMR bankruptcy process. From the call Rothschild made on AMR, it is obvious Rothschild was already aware of the involvement of Rothschild Inc in AMR’s bankruptcy process at least 24 days before it was known publicly. Furthermore, he knew the court rulings in restructuring would be favorable to AMR before they happened.

His AMR call on December 5, 2011
AMR performance over next 3-4 years, 1000%+

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