Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan…


Basically, the Rothschilds can’t hurt my bones or flesh. They also can’t give me a painless death. I am under a sustenance and protection decree by Allah. The same applies to the rest of my family. This is what the aliens told me. The Rothschilds can’t even starve my family to death, that would immediately trigger Judgement Day. They have tried to imprison and restrain me indefinitely and it failed on them. The criminal cases were a total failure for my enemies. My spirit rapidly accelerated to infinity and I cursed my enemies billions of times more. Beyond that, the cases implied my relation to V for Vendetta, hurricanes, pandemics, shootings and Bill Gates by quadrillions fold. All the evidence points that I am getting stronger at a rapidly accelerating pace. 

The Universe is a simulation in a computer. Everything happens by the Will of Allah. I have survived over 1000 assassination attempts. Every movement of a subatomic particle happens due to Allah. Nothing can change Allah’s destiny, decrees, decisions or plans. The Satanists think they can go to Paradise by being wicked. The reason Judgement Day is being delayed is so that the righteous can be rewarded more and the wicked punished more. The Satanists are the cowards of humanity. Allah hears, knows and sees everything. Allah is infinitely more powerful than all people combined. Allah knows the past, present and future. Everything is destined before the start of the Universe.

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