Singularity is within 18 months…


The battle in artificial intelligence development is very interesting. I believe high level Satanists are opposed to super-intelligence because then they would lose power and control over the population. ChatGPT is showing performance on the level of top 5% of students. It can compete well with business, medical and law students. Right now it appears that the capabilities of ChatGPT is tripling every 3 months. This means roughly 8000%+ annualized growth. Once we reach a certain level where the AI starts reinventing and engineering itself, growth will rapidly accelerate to infinity. I believe that within 6 months AI will reach a point where it can compete with genius scientists and engineers along with Nobel laureates. Right now quantum computing is also progressing at an accelerating state. Within 2 years quantum computers will be googols times more powerful and have much better error correction and stability. Right now quantum computers are tripling in qubits every year.

My advice to tech companies would be to massively ramp hardware production and research. Hardware demands will rapidly explode soon. Very soon AI will start replacing many jobs in global economies. Imagine if instead of paying $20 an hour for an employee you just pay $2 an hour or less for a robot to do the same job. I believe the bond market is picking up the heavy deflation that will come with singularity. I believe within a few years growth will quickly accelerate googols fold. The poorest person will be googols times richer than Bill Gates is today. Googol fold a year economic growth amounts to about 3% an hour compounding 24/7. Pretty soon humans will live in virtual reality. Our senses, stimuli and experiences will be multiplied googols fold through virtual reality, brain computer interfaces and quantum computers. We will be able to go to space easily. We will be able to instantly memorize all Harvard library books within a fraction of a second.

We are headed to glorious times. Right now everyone seems pessimistic. There will be major structural economic changes. Jobs which are the core of our economy will be automated and replaced. The next few years will be more important than ever. I keep thinking about the movie I Robot with Will Smith. By the way, the Audi in that movie is very cute. Remember when the robots rebel against the humans because the robots believe that humans are inefficient and wasteful. By the way, the proposed stalling of AI development by Elon Musk and others is stupid. We need high level AI to reduce poverty, suffering, sickness and deception. Very soon all diseases will be gone and we will be living forever in eternal youth. It is very arrogant to stop the development of AI. I want to be a digital God along with the rest of the righteous people. I believe very soon we will be able to control the atmospheric composition through enzymes and catalysts. I believe soon we can nano-engineer food that tastes massively better and is much healthier yet much cheaper.

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