Taylor Swift arranged marriage


The Rothschilds are trying to force me to have a baby with Taylor Swift. They are offering trillions in offshore money. They are threatening to torture and humiliate my family. Basically, Bill Gates and Taylor Swift are the main Anti-Christ bloodlines. Me and Ritika Dutta are the main Christ bloodlines. In Bill Gates’s mugshot for reckless driving when he was young, it has my birthday, Taylor Swift’s birthday and Da Vinci Code movie release date. Anyways, the Satanists want to start World War III by the end of this year. They realize they are running out of time. Anyways, the Satanists are destined to lose. That is Allah’s plan for over 13 billion years.

The main indication that Ritika Dutta is one of the main Christ bloodlines is Mayan cycles, Norway massacre, Avishek Dube death and her house. Ritika turns 7000 days old on the end of the Mayan calendar. Norway Massacre happened when she turned 9/17 and me 9/17/20. Ritika is 917 days older than Jenn Gates and also Stanford Biology BS. The day of the massacre I was in Switzerland where a Norwegian frontman for Bill Gates opened a corporation with me. This was the start of my attempted enslavement. Ritika’s address in Irvine is 28 Washington(Bill Gates was born on 28 day in Washington), bought for $529,000(Bilderberg birthday May 29) and moved in 66 days before 9/11/2001(Bill Gates was behind 911). Avishek Dube died near her house. He was this guy who used to make fun of me in the Indian community for talking about aliens. Avishek died from a car hitting him at 70 mph on the 405 on the 66 day of the year when the markets bottomed off at 666. Anyways, Avishek Dube death indicates that Bill Gates and Satanic Bloodlines die at Judgement Day as predicted in the Quran.

The person who first told me about Ritika having strong Christ blood was Paul Allen. Paul Allen was the first person to tell me about people having Christ blood and the Satanic bloodlines. You will notice the largest mass shooting in Los Angeles happened on Paul Allen’s 70th birthday. The shooting started at 10:22 PM, Ritika’s birthday(October 22). Paul Allen died 7 days before her birthday. Also she registered her Facebook on the 6th anniversary of the 911 attacks. Also I was released from Juvenile Hall on her 10th birthday and imprisoned the 9th time on her 27th birthday(her power level is 9). Furthermore, Salvatore Mundi auction was when Ritika turned 24/24. That is the most expensive painting ever.

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