Thoughts about my life


I think I live the luckiest life ever. I have the best family ever and am close to Allah. My number one regret in life is disrespecting people, particularly my dad. Before I used to think that someone was superior if they had tons of money, amazing position, good looks or impressive credentials. Over the years I was mistreated by the Satanists and realized I was disrespectful to people. The government mandated that I take medication that doubled my body fat along with many other negative side effects. Over 15 trillion dollars was stolen from me leaving me in tons of debt. I was imprisoned for 3 years in rehab, jail and hospitals. I faced significant persecution. I was tortured, humiliated, mocked, insulted and threatened significantly. I lost practically all my friends. I got into many arguments with my family members. Now I know who are real friends. I love my family more than ever. I realize from my struggles how I mistreated other people. Before I used to look down on people that worked minimum wage jobs, drove mediocre cars or were not good looking. When I was imprisoned I made friends with a lot of homeless people. I realized they had better personalities than upper-class people I normally interacted with.

I am going to have to admit I treated my dad like trash for several years. My dad treated me the nicest of all the people I know. And I responded by treating him the worst of all the people he knew. I took advantage of him massively. My dad doesn’t have any hard feelings about this and he has forgiven me for my past misdeeds. Anyways, I have come out much more religious. Before I used to laugh at the Bible, Quran or religious people. I am not like that anymore. I realized from seeing the behavior of these wicked people that religion is the real promise. Particularly the correct religion is Islam. These Satanists think they can get rewarded for rebelling against Allah. They think they can conquer Allah and get into paradise through extortion. The 10000 richest people in the World all ganged up against me. There are over 6000 verses in the Quran, several hundred of them predict I will come out as the victor. Absolutely none of them predict I will lose. Everything my enemies has thrown at me has backfired. They are scared to even send a person to punch my family members because our spirit is too strong. If they do that, they would feel like they got stabbed or break a bone.

My worst memories are filled with me disrespecting my dad. Those memories are from foul play and misdeeds from my own character. My imprisonment was from misdeeds of corrupt authorities. Me losing trillions was from misdeeds of the Satanists. Me going through medical, criminal, religious persecution was from faults of my enemies. But I came out the winner. My favorite activity these days is praying. I am more pious than ever. I used to be scared of dying and this extended to my family and friends. But now I believe in Judgement Day and the afterlife. 99% of people are scared of dying cause they go to Hellfire for infinite suffering. But I know me and my family has a guaranteed spot in Paradise. We persisted in resisting evil despite much persecution. I used to be obsessed with having objects like supercars, yachts, jets and mansions. Now I take praying in a room as vastly superior to any luxury in the World. I am amazed at the magic of the Universe. 99% of people are oblivious to it. All numbers, names, dates, locations are magical. Every subatomic particle in the Universe is conscious. Every cubic millimeter in the Universe is permeated with Allah.

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