Everything they do instantly backfires…


“And the disbelievers made a plan ˹against Jesus˺, but Allah also planned—and Allah is the best of planners.”


Allah and his angels(the aliens) gave me significant assistance. The Bible and Quran says nothing can defeat me. All the global leaders will fail waging war against me. Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Basically, the day of the San Mateo arrest, September 14 2018, Hurricane Florence made landfall. The only friend I knew to work at the San Mateo DA Office was also the only friend to have the name Florence. The chances of this was less than 1 in a trillion. It implied with a 99.9999999999%+ chance I would kill the San Mateo DAs involved in my case. The DAs were tasked by Bill Gates to play hardball with their lowest level employee on frivolous violations. The person they used to file the case, Ritika Dutta, I was released from Juvenile Hall on her 10th birthday. Another thing to note, the arrest was 3/17 after 9/11/2001. My first felony guilty plea was on November 5, 2003 when Ritika turned 3666 days. That day the largest solar flare in modern history happened. This involved the movie V for Vendetta which came out on 3/17 and he bombs parliament on November 5. On another note, my first felony plea involved explosives and threatening to use a WMD. Remember in V for Vendetta they label the suspect “psychotic terrorist” in the release of a virus.

Bill Gates had psychiatrists Michael Makhinson and Michael Sussinian fabricate in October 2018 that I was gravely disabled, mentally incompetent and psychotic. Within a day Hurricane Michael formed as the strongest Hurricane to hit the USA in over 20 years. This was a roughly 1 in a billion chance. It indicated with a 99.9999999%+ chance that I kill the psychiatrists involved in the case. Anyways, the goal of the cases was to crash my spirit. My spirit went up googols fold and I cursed my enemies billions of times more. I ordered the release of the virus through aliens. The virus shows the enemies are being cursed at least 5 billion man years. There have been many other global events based on me. Anyways the enemies keep getting more and more cowardly. Right now the Bilderberg Group is meeting in Portugal and I am their main discussion. They are dead scared. Before they used to announce months ahead of time the meeting dates. Now they don’t do that because they are scared Muslims will attack them. The Bilderberg Group wants to start a World War III to install a New World Order. They want to kill over 7 billion people and have the world a socialist agrarian state where there is no religion and everyone worships Satan. They are sick in the head.

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