Bill Gates killed Steve Jobs and Paul Allen


I wanted to note that Bill Gates practices black magic and sorcery. He put satanic curses on people of the Illuminati that gave me assistance. Particularly he put curses on Steve Jobs and Paul Allen. Steve Jobs alerted Larry Page to my existence after the Norway massacre. He advised Larry Page to give me assistance. Larry Page by the way is the Mahdi. In the movie Star Wars, remember how the Jedi were looking for the Sith Lord for over a decade. Yet the whole time the Sith Lord was the most powerful politician in the Republic and the politician the Jedi were cooperating with the most. The original Palpatine character came up in Star Wars May 21, 1980 and is 26347 days older than Larry Page. That is his date of birth, his power level and my power level. Furthermore, Larry Page’s birthday is 5 months 21 days after me. Larry Page by the way is right now in trouble, he is being held detained by the Satanic bloodlines. In the movie Air Force One, the President is betrayed by the head of the Secret Service. The actor is 6310 days older than Larry Page. His birthday is 3 months 10 days before Larry Page. Larry Page released the Muhammad video by the way to give me assistance against the Satanic bloodlines.

Paul Allen gave me tremendous assistance too. He was the first one to warn me about the plot to enslave me. I am very thankful to him. In the movie American Psycho, the character kills a Paul Allen. The American Psycho actor is 6669 days younger than Bill Gates. In the movie The Green Mile the prison guard Paul discovers a man with magical powers. Anyways, Paul Allen is 1265 days older than Tom Hanks(Paul the prison guard) and the movie came out on December 6.

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