Ritika Dutta case


Okay so basically I wanted to talk about what triggered the case. The arrest was on September 14, 2018. 2 days after Phoebe Gates’s 16th birthday. On Phoebe Gates’s 16th birthday Bill Gates offered me marriage with her which I refused. Bill Gates stole over $2 trillion intellectual property from me between 2011 and 2018. Between 2005 and 2018 he was casting black magic and voodoo dolls on my family. He tortured me thousands of times and imprisoned me 3 times before the case. He humiliated me significantly by having my body fat doubled 3 times up until that point. He threatened, mocked, insulted my family continuously. Thousands of agents were involved in this operation. Anyways, the case was over solely verbal violations against Ritika Dutta, Shamik Mascharak and Srijita Sarkar. I should note at no point in time did I violate their free will. I never tortured, imprisoned, humiliated, stole or casted black magic on them.

Anyways the day of the San Mateo arrest, Hurricane Florence hit in North Carolina. The only friend I know with the name Florence is also the only friend I know who worked at San Mateo District Attorney Office. This was a 1 in trillion chance. This was a sign from Allah that I would end up killing the district attorneys involved in the case. Then the psychiatrists on the case Michael Makhinson and Michael Sussinian labelled me as “gravely disabled” and applied to have my custody handed over to the state. That day the strongest hurricane in 20 years formed and hit the United States called Hurricane Michael. The chances of this is 1 in a 10 billion. It was a sign from Allah that I would kill the psychiatrists in the case. Then at the conservatorship hearing(it was within 24 hours of Bill Gates birthday) there was a plane crash Lion Air 610(610 is reference to June 10, the date I killed Bill Gates mom). There was also the arraignment of the synagogue shooter for killing 11 Jews out of 13 shot. The chances of this is 1 in a billion. These events were signs from Allah that I would kill Bill Gates(the Anti Christ) and Jews as the Quran predicts.

At the pleading guilty of the case on February 27, 2020 the virus spread with the name coronavirus(coronation of Christ). Initially in Seattle and San Fransisco(the 2 main Anti Christs are Gates and Zuckerberg). The 4 variant numbers were all references to my case. Anyways, the chances of this is about 1 in a billion. Anyways rough estimates that 1 in 10^230 chances that Universal Elements are based on me and that Bill Gates is the primary person involved in persecuting me. This is like winning the lottery jackpot 25 times in a row. Obviously the people involved in fighting me are in dead trouble. Everyone thought they could defeat me if they gang up on me and it totally failed. The whole World was literally against me and Allah helped me win.

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