Cowardly enemies cruising on 100% backfire rate…


So recently my mother was poisoned. We were delivered on April 26, 8 bottles of medication from a Chicago Indian scientist. This was on the recommendation of one of my mother’s friends. The medication came by courier on jenn gates 26 birthday. They wanted my whole family to take it claiming it was a panacea. The medication was completely free. Anyways, only my mom took it and she was hospitalized at bellevue medical center from May 6 to May 11. I should note this was on the 2 year anniversary of me being released from 600 days imprisonment for the San Mateo case. My mother was admission number 466. Anyways she is fine now. I should note that I am responding with surging prayer strength. The enemies continue to surge black magic. I believe bill gates ordered this poisoning. Anyways, the enemy is getting adventuresome. First they were doing 72 hour hospital holds, then 17 day holds, then imprisoning me for 3 years on 25 felony charges. First Allah was cursing dogs, then sending mass shooters, then causing plane crashes, then causing hurricanes and now pandemics. The enemy is getting more wicked, desperate, weak, cowardly and dumb at an accelerating pace. In contrast, I am getting more brave, strong, smarter and patient at an accelerating pace.

Markets are making a major low soon. You want to be in Netflix, Tesla, bitcoin. Now is the time to buy. Hold for long run. I wanted to note that I believe I live the perfect life. I am the closest to Allah and therefore have the best destiny. An average Rothschild makes ten million dollars an hour worshiping satan and hating allah. Allah is infinite of satan. The righteous will experience eternal bliss in paradise that will be googols of times better than any billionaire lifestyle today. The wicked will experience eternal damnation in hellfire that will be googols of times worse than crucifixion. Allah rewards those he loves by putting them through hard situations. The best situation is temporal misery followed by eternal glory. The worst situation is temporal glory followed by eternal misery. Allah controls every action, thought and perception in the universe. Everything happens by the will of Allah. Nothing can beat allah. Satanists are controlled resistance to Allah. When Allah defeats satanists he will be worshiped more. The satanists are being given the illusion that they are winning. Greater the pride, greater the fall. Nothing can beat Allah. Allah controls every thought, action and perception in the universe.

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