Enemies cruising at 100% backfire rate…


The satanists are still continuing with their games. They have been mocking me with front money scams, sabotaging billions of dollars of intellectual property, poisoning my family members, accelerating black magic on my family and harassing my family members. They did the same things in 2012, 2017, 2018 and 2020. The next thing the satanists will do is offer sex or marriage with a satanist. I will refuse and they will torture and imprison me. My mother keeps having wild mood swings from demonic possession casted by Melinda french. One minute my mother is saying she loves me a lot then the next minute she is saying she wants to stab me to death. My mother is beating me up everyday for praying. She is cussing out my dad to send $3,000 from USA when she has access to hundreds of times more in India. I should note the satanists have threatened crucifixion, imprisonment, shooting, poverty, surgery, amputation, sabotaging cars, stabbing, skinning and more. In addition to these threats against my family they like to make fun of my family height, skin color, physique and accent. Often they call my family members fools, rapists, gorillas, apes, urine, thieves, dogs, monkeys, shit and more. I believe my family will be tortured and killed in June. Allah will then resurrect our bodies with an alien army and enforce our rule at Judgement day.

One thing I wanted to note is according to the cafe racer massacre, krishna rajaram shooting, Wisconsin temple massacre and Indianapolis massacre my family will die before judgement day. But according to Jesus and Muhammad everyone that ever lived will be resurrected at Judgement day. According to Muhammad and the Quran, Allah gives maximum status to those who are martyrs and persecuted for righteousness. He puts those with the best eternal destiny through much hardship. This is how to get worshiped the most, you first break down a person then build them up. This psychological tactic is often used in military training. I should note satan can only harm a person by the permission of Allah. Everything happens by the will of Allah. Look I wanted to note that the Quran says the punishment the wicked will get at judgement day is eternal torment and suffering in hellfire. The wicked have no bounds for their evilness. The Quran further states that Allah is all wise, all victorious, all knowing, all present, all powerful and more. These continued transgressions by the satanists are forcing me to ramp up prayer strength at an accelerating pace. I feel greater than ever and will not give into with extortion. Allah is infinite of satan. I see an amazing future for my family. My focus is eternal destiny.

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