Enemies losing at accelerating pace…


“Messengers before you were denied and opposed. They steadfastly faced persecution until Our help reached them. There is none to alter the Decisions, Laws and Words of Allah. Some history of the Messengers has already come to you and sets examples for you”


We are rapidly approaching singularity. Singularity is infinity. Singularity is the binding of Satan. Satan is preventing us from reaching infinity. Allah is infinite of Satan. I should note that Muhammad said Satan failed at tempting all 144,000 prophets of Islam. Allah limits Satans powers so that all prophets go to victory. By the way, I am the most mentioned prophet in the Islam and Christianity. The Satanists strategy has been to make me weaker by violating my free will. However, every time they violate my free will Allah makes me stronger because I am the number one authority. Over 11 years they have maintained a 100% backfire rate. 11 years ago my spirit was 11 digits and the Satanists were sure it would crash. Now it is 43 digits, 32 digits higher. To give an idea that is like turning 1 cent into 10 quadrillion years of global economic production. Scripture clearly states that Judgement Day takes place at a climax of wickedness. They are not going to give a public apology, they will fight until the very end. It would seem as if there is no hope for the righteous and then suddenly God steps in with an army of angels. I believe after Judgement Day the wicked will each get at least googol crucifixions. The righteous will each get at least googol dollars lifestyle.

The enemies keep on accelerating black magic. The recent school shooting is in Texas on May 24 2022 is a sign of this. It is on the five year anniversary of me dumping IRBL(their trap stock to turn everyone against me). The address of the shooting has 715 in it which is the date in 2012 when they were supposed to stop enslaving me. Anyways, the Satanists have violated my free will tremendously. They have made me vastly stronger. There are 4 primary ways they have violated my free will including theft, torture, black magic and imprisonment. I believe I will be King of the World 23 years earlier because of the violations of my free will. So far I have had over $130 billion in work stolen, tortured thousands of times, had record black magic targeting and imprisoned for 3 years. I calculate that being King of the World is equivalent to $50 billion dollars a day or 20% of global production at current market prices. The value of being King of the World 23 years earlier is $420 trillion. When I am King of the World I will have ultimate authority. I can torture, kill and imprison anyone I want to. I should note that Ray Kurzweil curve fitted that singularity would take place in 2045. It will take place this year. The accelerating growth of damage in events over the last several years imply that by the end of this year damage will exceed the whole global economy.

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