Cowards losing at record pace


Just some snippets of the Facebook newsfeed mocking and my response. I’m kicking their ass and they are hiding behind cover identities. The Satanists have a group of psychologists control my newsfeed to post things that irritate me to try to crash my spirit. By the way, it’s backfired 100,000+ times over and my spirit rocketed to infinity. Thanks to Facebook brutalizing and humiliating Satanists will be more fun, severe, certain and earlier. They have 10,000+ times over mocked mass shooting and pandemic victims. They like to invent very sick lies that irritate me. The thing is I am an expert at psychology and I understand very well the reason that they are mocking me through cover identities is because they are JEALOUS of me. These people have $300 trillion and they hide behind tiny coward pawns. They like to mock me by putting low level pawns above me. Anyways, I can read through all their psychological tricks.

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