Happier than ever… =D


Okay so the enemies keep uplifting and degrading on Facebook to try to crash my spirit. They are using anonymous names, coward pawns and cover identities because they are too scared to confront me. They are surging black magic for me to like Satanists, like Israel, hate Muslims, hate parents, like Bill Gates, like Mark Zuckerberg, reduce my self-esteem, hate God, like Satan and many other things. But because my spirit is at infinity and my prayer strength keeps ramping up the opposite is happening. I estimate that right now at this stage I am aging enemies at least 50 days each day. By the way, technically 99% of people are my enemies because I condemn them to eternal torment and suffering in Hell. Judgement Day is imminent at any point. Watch the CHF closely, it is around 7.7 years after CHF cap was removed on January 15, 2015. Anyways, I am going furthermore into the calculations that my losses from intellectual property theft since the Norway Massacre are around $4 trillion. I am perfectly content. I am aiming for much much bigger things after Judgement Day.

The enemies have been casting black magic on all my relatives here in India. Most of them have stopped talking to me. This is a part of the strategy by the Satanists to lower my self esteem so that their black magic would work. Truth be told, it is just motivating me to kill Satanists more so that I can reverse the spells. They can cast a spell so that someone suddenly starts ignoring you. I am totally fine with it, when the spell is gone the people will like me more than ever. Melinda French is the source of the black magic. Anyways, the enemies are getting dumber at an accelerating pace. They want me to be jealous of people with super cars. I am nowhere close to jealous of that junk crap. I have an alien quantum computer in my brain worth far more than all of the global economy. Beyond that, alien technology which we will get after Judgement Day is googol times of a supercar. Sometimes they like to claim aliens are from Satan, China, Russia or CIA. That is total bullshit.

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