Cowards losing at record pace


They recently offered marriage with Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Phoebe Gates, Taylor Swift and are offering girls as young as 8 as sex slaves along with unlimited money and drugs. They are threatening to torture, imprison, kill, starve and impoverish my family. I rejected the offers. They started massively ramping up black magic. On September 4 in the morning was on heavy demonic possession saying that if I don’t stop praying I will be put in jail as a terrorist, tortured and in restraints. I went to a mosque to prayed for 7 hours. This was the first time prayed in a mosque in my life. That day there was the largest stabbings ever in Canada at 13 different locations. The license plate for the car involved has 119. Also within the same day an Anti-Iran Tata business member with Irish citizenship died in a car crash. His net worth was $29 billion. He is the richest known person to have died from a car accident. He is one of Rothschild’s top agents. I should note the Ritika case started from a Facebook message I sent to Ritika on January 19, 2012 warning about the 13 Satanic bloodlines. That day Ritika turned 6663 days old. Anyways, Hadith 119 narrated by Muhammad 1400 years ago claims that I condemn 99.9% of Satanists to infinite suffering.

One thing I wanted to note about Ritika. Of all the people I know, she is closest to the location where Avishek Dube died in a car accident. She is the only person that went to Stanford Biology like Jenn Gates. Her house is address is based on 9/11, Bill Gates and Bilderberg Group. Also Avishek Dube’s sister was born on 2/16. Avishek Dube made fun of me as a kid for talking about aliens. Also his family are big idol worshippers. The San Mateo arrest happened when Phoebe Gates turned 2/16. Furthermore, Avishek Dube died on the 66th day of the year within 24 hours of a 15 year market low at 666 on the S&P 500. Also the mayan cycles and Gregorian calendar are based on her. She turned 7000 days old on December 21, 2012. The most extreme market movement in history, the swiss franc SNB cap removal happened when she turned 7755 days old. Anyways looking for Judgement Day to happen before October 28. On another note the Benghazi attack happened when Phoebe Gates turned 10. I was released from Juvenille Hall when Ritika turned 10.

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