The cowards are losing at an accelerating pace…


So everyday they spend at least a billion dollars fighting me. Everything they do instantly backfires. Anyways life is very good. Feel so lucky to be me.

I wanted to pose this question to bill gates. Would he love melinda if she doubled his body fat five times, imprisoned him for 3 years on outrageous acquisations, had authorities treat him like the bottom 1%, stole and sabotaged all intellectual property she could, invented sick lies about him, turned everyone against him, used voodoo dolls and black magic on his family, mock insult and threaten his family, take away his legal rights to contracts, assets, driving, refusing treatment, privacy, interstate travel, wanted to help his family with eternal torment and suffering.

The Jews inflicted quadrillions of dollars of damage on the world. Holohoax, world wars, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, central banking, drug laws, speed limits, market manipulation. Now they want people to worship them as god’s chosen people. They want the wicked to go to paradise and the righteous to go to hell. They call that help. Well lets help them by striking back infinitely stronger. God is infinite of satan.

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