Destination infinity


Singularity or infinity in my spirit powers will be achieved by June 28. We are following the Law of Accelerating Returns or accelerating geometric pace. Within 3 months my spirit will be billion times more powerful. Within 4 months quadrillion quadrillion times more powerful. Within 5 months infinitely more powerful. I have my latest singularity calculations below. It shows that by June 27 my spirit will rise over quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion fold in less than a minute. Initially from October 26 2012 it takes 1765 days to triple. I wanted to emphasize how large orders of magnitude are. Billion is 9 orders and is equivalent to 32 years of seconds. Trillion is 12 orders and is equivalent to 32,000 years of seconds. Quadrillion is 15 orders and is equivalent to 32,000,000 years of seconds. Not many people appreciate the immense size of higher orders. They think of all large numbers as the same. But really there is a massive difference between trillion and googol for instance.

The singularity calculations are based on hurricanes Sandy, Harvey, Irma and Maria along with COVID release and Kobe Bryant assassination. The pattern noticed is that each cycle of growth is half in time with 5 extra doublings as compared to the previous cycle. Singularity is around June 28 Elon Musk 51 birthday and Bill Gates turning 66.666 years old. Pondering how high we get at singularity is like pondering the size of the universe since I was a kid. Despite the immense power of god, the satanists think they can defeat god by being wicked. They think a judge, psychiatrist, district attorney, police or other authority with a 2 dollar badge beats god. Authority is in wicked hands. Justice seekers are being oppressed. Muhammad and Jesus said that god will switch oppressors and oppressed at Judgement day. God is infinite of satan. God limits the power of satan so that all prophets go to victory.

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