3 deadlier surges from Santa Clara case


I consider the Santa Clara case so far a big success. It has been about 480 days after the Santa Clara arrest and I have done 500 times the damage compared to the same point in San Mateo case. I must stress we haven’t even seen 1% of the total damage so far. People are already exhausted after 2 years of the pandemic. They have a lot more coming their way. I wanted to note the variant lineage number for the 3 deadlier variants that resulted in 3 deadlier surges after the Santa Clara arrest. The variant alpha is number 117. 11 for Jesus Christ number of letters and 7 for my power level. The variant delta is number 1617. 161 for my housing number in Los Angeles jail and 7 for my power level. The variant omicron is number 11529. 11 for Jesus Christ number of letters and 529 for Bilderberg birthday May 29. Furthermore micro stands for Microsoft and South Africa location for Elon Musk. The chances of the similarities in elements is less than 1 in 100,000.

I wanted to note how reckless the authorities were in the Santa Clara case. I clearly warned that if my free will is violated that there will be severe consequences. They showed total disregard for the public well being. The case was over harassing emails which I spent 444 days imprisoned for. 413 of which were in jail. By the way 666 times .666 is 444. They put me in a suicide gown and restraints at the start based on fabricated psychiatric reports. The authorities acted like they were justified because they were enforcing a law. By the way the law conflicts with my freedom of speech from the constitution. We have too much faith in our wicked authorities. We think that because a judge issues an order, a doctor issues a recommendation, a prosecutor files charges, police file a report or a legislator passes a law, that it is above question and valid. I find that society is very wicked, dumb, illogical and foolish. I should note I released the deadlier variants because god gave me the permission to. God noticed I was unjustly being oppressed and gave me the means to protest that.

On another note my family keeps making issues about my website. They keep saying that most people would laugh at me. For one thing my website caters to people who have a genius iq and are familiar with the satanic bloodlines, statistics, calculus and religion. The people that fall in that category is less than 1 in 10,000 people. The common man simply won’t understand my website. It is way beyond them. This is like telling the public 1,000 years ago that the world is round or orbits around the sun. Back then people demanded harsh penalties for saying such things even though they were true. Many people were given the death penalty, imprisonment or blinded for saying correct statements. That still happens today but more on subjects like the Holocaust in Europe. I wanted to note that in trading investing in unpopular things or being contrarian is the best strategy. My website is more designed for people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Ray Kurzweil and other Silicon Valley gurus.

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