Fun time in India


Basically my relatives all live in East India particularly the city Kolkata. All my relatives carry strong Christ blood particularly my mother’s side. My grandmother from my mother’s side carries the main bloodline of Jesus Christ and that leads to my mother and me. What that means is that we carry the most royal blood in the world. Aliens will enforce the rule of our bloodline forever. Aliens arrive at Judgement Day. The nazis sent expeditions to India to find my family’s bloodline. In the future I will be king of the world forever and my progeny princes and princesses. Anyways my time in India has been very fun. I have been hanging out with my cousins a lot. The food is amazing and cheap. Two dollars for delivered spicy shrimp Chinese meals. Four dollars for kfc or Burger King delivered meals. The clubs and malls are pretty modern these days. I plan on living here permanently and making Kolkata capitol of the world when the aliens arrive.

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