The masses are misled


I am going to have to say over 99% of people are closed minded. Even most people with genius intelligence are closed minded. Basically my parents are pressuring me to get married and are introducing me to girls in India. For one thing my parents don’t understand that we will live forever in eternal youth so there is no rush. They also don’t understand that I will have infinitely more power and status soon so I can get a much better partner soon. They don’t understand the law of accelerating returns. They still think of progression in terms of linear or saturation models. This is despite the fact that I have been talking about these elements for years and have books on this. My parents believe mass media along with authorities and so-called experts. I don’t blame them 99% of people are like that. I should note both of my parents have genius iqs, stem degrees and graduate education. But they are still very closed minded. Even my sister is closed minded despite having a genius iq and multiple graduate degrees from top institutions.

For years I have been buying my family Ray Kurzweil books and they refuse to even read a page. They prefer instead to read mainstream material. They are turned off when I say that Kurzweil believes artificial intelligence will be quadrillions of times smarter than current humans, economic growth will accelerate to quadrillions times the current pace and that humans will live forever. They think of that kind of talk as crazy. For one thing I see Kurzweil as the modern day da Vinci. That is how he will be remembered. Larry Page sent out at interesting message by choosing to give Kurzweil a high position In Google. That was an endorsement of Kurzweil’s views. My dad has doubts that a computer will ever be able to reach current human levels in intelligence. Since I was a teen I have expected that computers will eventually be far more intelligent than human beings. Now I believe it will be to a level of over googol times more intelligent than current humans. My dad by the way is an aerospace engineer with a phd from USC and IIT bachelors degree.

I wanted to note often the mainstream is totally wrong in their views. Every theory, idea and invention we have today was initially believed by no body. That includes planes, cars, computers, electricity, gravity, atoms, medicine, surgery, psychology and everything else. Just because nobody believes in something doesn’t mean it is not correct. Public policy is a total disaster. People think drug laws are to make society safer. Instead they make society more dangerous and help drug cartels make huge profit margins along with give an excuse to have a huge police force. People think speed limits make society safer. Instead they make the roads more dangerous and make insurance companies more money along with give an excuse for a huge police force. There is mass delusion on other topics like the Holocaust, psychiatry, gun laws, central banking, aliens and more. Sometimes these delusions are introduced by special interests to make money from creating inefficiencies.

As time progresses I have become more picky with girls. I wanted to note the Bible and Quran is against fornication so I am saving virginity for marriage. I don’t believe in arranged marriages. I would only date a girl if I am best friends with her. I also only want one sexual relationship in my life. My criteria for a girl is that they are a genius, look like a model, scientist, Christ descendant, virgin and religious. According to my calculations around five to ten girls globally meet that criteria. One of the huge issues in Kolkata is that the intellectual elite are atheist due to the influence of communism. I find atheism reprehensible. They think Jesus and Muhammad are crazy and the Bible and Quran being books of delusions. One thing I want to point out I believe evolution of intelligent life as highly unlikely. Producing organs such as the eyes or brain requires coordinated mutations across thousands of genes within a generation. The laws of probability say this is highly unlikely. Every day I witness and feel the power of god.

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