Enemies are continuing cruise at 100% backfire rate….


So basically I have continuously asked for a public apology and compensation for years. I have asked for cessation of black magic and all forms of harassment. They just keep accelerating things and flouting my requests. I am praying more intensely than ever and my spirit is going up at a faster pace than ever. I wanted to note my mother got stage 4 lung cancer from Melinda French’s black magic 2 years ago. Because my spirit went up over quadrillion fold from the Santa Clara case, my mom was able to beat it. She is now much stronger. My dad broke his leg in 2015 and has continuous digestive issues from Melinda French’s black magic. My cousin’s wife died from her black magic at the age of 32 in 2020. Anyways, I keep getting stronger from her black magic because I keep praying vastly more. The other day she was casting black magic on me to convince me I am a John Nash and it bounced off me because my spirit was so strong. The black magic affected my maid and she was imagining things. Anyways I am going to have to note that my spirit recently has hit 33 digits. A massive 22 digit improvement since 2011. Growth will accelerate at least 100 quadrillion fold over the next 2 months.

A few people I particularly want to point out are Charles Rothschild, Melinda French, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Bill Gates. They have absolutely no regard for their families and friends around them. They have flouted my demands numerous times and found their loved ones getting terminal illnesses from this. Any day they can give a public apology. They won’t even give a private apology. They can even just send someone to apologize to me and my family. Instead, they keep harassing me and my family. I noted to Bill Gates numerous times if he sent people to turn my family against me his family will suffer grave consequences. He just accelerates sending more people. That is sign of disrespect to me and Allah. That is a sign that his family needs maximal suffering and humiliation. I want to note that Satanists don’t think about the greater good. They just think about themselves, Satan and the Devil. They have no concern for what is good for the public. After I pled guilty to the San Mateo felony case I was doing damage at a rate of 1,500 billion a month to the public and tens of trillions a month to the wicked. They had the nerve to file 19 felony charges after that happened and play even more hardball in the Los Angeles and Santa Clara cases.

At any moment Allah can reveal me to the World. He will choose the perfect time. I should note if he revealed me earlier, I would have been worshiped less, Allah would have been worshiped less and Satanists would have been hated less. The Satanists keep getting more wicked at an accelerating pace. Those who defeat them will be glorified more than ever as every second passes. Earlier I advocated for light punishment of the wicked. Now I am advocating for playing hardball and having maximum punishment of the wicked. I wanted to point out that an important cycle point is 77 year anniversary of Hitler dying this April 30th. That is also 7 year anniversary of Dave Goldberg dying and 11 year anniversary of Osama Bin Laden dying. That is also 246 birthday of Illuminati. I believe Satanists will die by surprise in massive spurts. One thing is clear, everyday that passes we are moving a day closer to Judgement Day. The case continues to be made for eternal torment and suffering of the wicked.

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