Otto Rothschild 10 year assassination anniversary


On July 20 2007 George Bush signed Executive Order 13440 banning torture by the USA government. Bill Gates’s mother died 1344 days after I was born. I am Jesus Christ. I was tortured thousands of times by the USA government on the order of Bill Gates to force me to marry his daughter. The climax of this torture was 6660 days after the death of Mary Gates when I was tortured and humiliated with catheters, urinals and restraints. I also met Bill Gates’s daughters for the first time on July 20 2016. Gates is the anti Christ. He makes his house 66,000 square feet and puts 666 in his salary and share holdings. In addition to the torture, the government stole over 100 billion dollars from me, imprisoned me for 3 years and charged me for 25 felonies. The USA is great satan.

Studying simple trends we can see that on average every 6 months there is a large coronavirus surge. The last coronavirus surge had the highest infection numbers and thus the largest potential for more contagious/virulent mutations. I noted two years ago that I will keep surging the virus until I get a public apology. Santa Clara reinstated the bench warrant for my arrest. The Satanists are accelerating black magic to record highs. My spirit strength is going up at an accelerating pace. So it is a done deal we will see a much larger coronavirus surge soon. I should note I don’t even think we have seen half the damage from the virus so far.

Let’s review performance of a basket of stocks over different periods and have some comments on them.

Microsoft has had a boost since I met Phoebe and Jenn Gates. That day was the best in Microsoft stock in the last 10 years. Microsoft market cap would be above Apple market cap if Bill Gates never sent Justin Le Blanc and Peter Wises.

Facebook stock has been badly performing since Menlo Park bench warrant on September 14 2018. I remember my Facebook newsfeed the 3 months before the bench warrant. Amazon has been performing poorly since then due to cancelling my credit card.

Google stock has been held back considerably by Sergey Brin’s Satan worshiping. I predict Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg would all be richer than Bill Gates if they all worshiped Christ.

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