Enemies continue cruising on 100% backfire rate…


Sura 2, The Heifer (Al-Baqarah)

[2:177] Righteousness is not turning your faces towards the east or the west. Righteous are those who believe in GOD, the Last Day, the angels, the scripture, and the prophets; and they give the money, cheerfully, to the relatives, the orphans, the needy, the traveling alien, the beggars, and to free the slaves; and they observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and give the obligatory charity (Zakat); and they keep their word whenever they make a promise; and they steadfastly persevere in the face of persecution, hardship, and war. These are the truthful; these are the righteous.

[2:188] You shall not take each others’ money illicitly, nor shall you bribe the officials to deprive others of some of their rights illicitly, while you know.

[2:264] O you who believe, do not nullify your charities by inflicting reproach and insult, like one who spends his money to show off, while disbelieving in GOD and the Last Day. His example is like a rock covered with a thin layer of soil; as soon as heavy rain falls, it washes off the soil, leaving it a useless rock. They gain nothing from their efforts. GOD does not guide disbelieving people.

[2:265] The example of those who give their money seeking GOD’s pleasure, out of sincere conviction, is that of a garden on high fertile soil; when heavy rain falls, it gives twice as much crop. If heavy rain is not available, a drizzle will suffice. GOD is Seer of everything you do.

Sura 3, The Amramites (Ali-‘Imran)

[3:10] Those who disbelieve will never be helped by their money, nor by their children, against GOD. They will be fuel for Hell.

Sura 4, Women (Al-Nesa’)

[4:38] They give money to charity only to show off, while disbelieving in GOD and the Last Day. If one’s companion is the devil, that is the worst companion.

[4:161] And for practicing usury, which was forbidden, and for consuming the people’s money illicitly. We have prepared for the disbelievers among them painful retribution.

[9:24] Proclaim: “If your parents, your children, your siblings, your spouses, your family, the money you have earned, a business you worry about, and the homes you cherish are more beloved to you than GOD and His messenger,** and the striving in His cause, then just wait until GOD brings His judgment.” GOD does not guide the wicked people.

Sura 9, Ultimatum (Bara’ah)

[9:34] O you who believe, many religious leaders and preachers take the people’s money illicitly, and repel from the path of GOD. Those who hoard the gold and silver, and do not spend them in the cause of GOD, promise them a painful retribution.

[9:69] Some of those before you were stronger than you, and possessed more money and children. They became preoccupied with their material possessions. Similarly, you have become preoccupied with your material possessions, just like those before you have become preoccupied. You have become totally heedless, just as they were heedless. Such are the people who nullify their works, both in this world and in the Hereafter; they are the losers. 

[9:85] Do not be impressed by their money or their children; GOD causes these to be sources of misery for them in this world, and their souls depart as disbelievers.

Sura 30, The Romans (Al-Room)

[30:39] The usury that is practiced to increase some people’s wealth, does not gain anything at GOD. But if you give to charity, seeking GOD’s pleasure, these are the ones who receive their reward manifold.

Sura 51, Drivers of the Winds (Al-Dhareyat)

[51:19] A portion of their money was set aside for the beggar and the needy.

Sura 57, Iron (Al-Hadeed)

[57:20] Know that this worldly life is no more than play and games, and boasting among you, and hoarding of money and children. It is like abundant rain that produces plants and pleases the disbelievers. But then the plants turn into useless hay, and are blown away by the wind. In the Hereafter there is either severe retribution, or forgiveness from GOD and approval. This worldly life is no more than a temporary illusion.

Sura 58, The Debate (Al-Mujaadalah)

[58:17] Neither their money, nor their children will help them against GOD. They have incurred the hellfire, wherein they abide forever.

Sura 68, Incontestable (Al-Haaqqah)

[69:28] “My money cannot help me.”

Okay so my dad is saying utterly false things on satanic possession to get me to stop praying. First he says God doesn’t exist. There is tons of statistical proof that God exists from global events. Then he says statistics means nothing. Statistics means everything, all of science, technology and engineering is based on it. Then he says no one is persecuting me. That is completely false I have been persecuted extensively over the last decade. Then he says Muslims did 911. That is a straight up false statement that can be discredited through studying evidence. Then he says no one believes in Judgement Day therefore it is not happening. For one thing, several hundred million Christians and Muslims believe in Judgement Day. Secondly, if no one believes in something doesn’t mean it won’t happen. No one initially modern day inventions, theories and ideas. Then he says my prayer is not helping. I have experienced the power of prayer thousands of times. Then he says if I pray my family will die early. That is a false statement, my number one desire is for my family to experience eternal bliss in paradise. Then he says I am a selfish person just after money. For one thing, I rejected unlimited money because I chose to worship God and fight Satan. Scripture clearly states that worshiping God is in opposition to worshiping money. Furthermore it states that obsession with wealth accumulation is wicked. Furthermore, I have always helped people and take into account other people’s feelings and desires. Then he says my psychiatric record helped me get out of imprisonment early. That was absolutely false, I was held much longer because of it.

Anyways the enemies are continuing with their cowardly tactics. It is quite clear they are losing it. They keep ramping up black magic while I am ramping up prayer strength. They are still hiding like cowards. I believe pretty soon the Indian authorities will torture and imprison me. The Satanists are rapidly running out of time. By the way, numerous time the authorities and Satanists kept showing fear of me being religious. This was despite the fact I posed no financial threat to them. I should note the satanists are still trying to convince me the ava lynn email is true. They are losing at an accelerating pace.

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