Enemies cruising on 100% backfire rate…


Allah is infinite of Satan. They are still showing massive weakness. Coward pawns, anonymous names, cover identities, black magic. Everything they are throwing is backfiring on them. They are guaranteed and destined to lose. They think they are all knowing and all powerful cause they fucking hide like fucking cowards.

I wanted to make this clear the following things:

  1. Thanks to Ritika Dutta, Bill Gates suffers googol times Covid-19 victims.
  2. Thanks to Peter Wises, Phoebe Gates suffers googol times Pulse Massacre victims.
  3. Thanks to Kjetil Solberg, Jenn Gates suffers googol times Norway Massacre victims.
  4. Thanks to Melinda Martinez, Melinda Gates suffers googol times San Bernardino Massacre victims.
  5. Thanks to Lars, Rothschilds suffer googol times Las Vegas Massacre victims.
  6. Thanks to Ion Pairelli, Rockefellers suffers googol times Innocence of Muslims victims.
  7. Thanks to Vasyl, Bilderberg Group suffers googol times MH 17 victims.

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