Cowardly enemies losing at accelerating pace…


The enemies keep getting more desperate, more wicked, more dumb, more weak and more cowardly at an accelerating pace. The Rothschilds have been blasting black magic and voodoo dolls against my family. My parents are irritating me massively and saying many incorrect things on demonic possession. Khamanei says the Zionists are mentally retarded to fight Allah. The Quran says the side of Allah will win against the wicked. Let me tell you a little bit about the wicked people. They have absolutely no remorse for what they do. They think it is cool being wicked. They think it is cool hating Allah. They think it is cool persecuting righteous and innocent people. They think it is cool stealing from and cheating innocent people. They think it is cool misleading and deceiving people. They think it is cool torturing, injuring and killing righteous people. They think it is cool causing mass chaos for financial profit. They think it is cool worshiping Satan. The Quran states the wicked have disbelief in Judgement Day. The Quran states that the wicked will instantly forget about their good times when they enter Hellfire. The Quran says the wicked will regret their actions as they are suffer and are tormented eternally in Hellfire. The Quran says that those in Hellfire will be burned eternally at temperatures 70 times of fire on Earth.

The Rothschilds are still trying to convince me that I am a John Nash. They never give up and are continuing on the schizophrenia hypothesis. Everything they are doing is backfiring at an accelerating pace. I keep feeling greater and greater every day that passes. They are trying to convince me I am worthless, God doesn’t exist, I am stupid and imagining things. They have their agent Justin Le Blanc constantly saying I am weak at math and trading. For one thing, the Rothschilds have stolen huge sums of intellectual property and money from me over a period of 11 years. One thing I want to point out. I have a public track record with a Swiss Bank in trading calls over an 8 year period being over 8 standard deviations above the mean. 8 standard deviations is equivalent to one in a quadrillion chances which is the equivalent of taking the SAT’s 4 times in a row and getting a perfect score each time. Justin Le Blanc doesn’t even have a single month of a public track record. His argument is like someone who has never taken the SAT’s before telling someone who has scored perfect 4 times in a row that they are bad at the SAT’s. He thinks that just because he keeps repeating a big lie I will believe him. I have caught him numerous times saying contradicting things and lying.

Telling me that I am weak at math makes absolutely no sense. I took the SAT’s 5 years early and scored in the 99th percentile on Math among college bound high school seniors. I took the MCAT’s 5 years early and scored in the 99.9th+ percentile on Physical Sciences among medical school applicants. By the way, I believe my intelligence has at least doubled since then due to praying. Before I started praying I had intelligence in the 99.99th+ percentile. Now it is in the 99.9999999th+ percentile. I see further accelerating gains in my intelligence. The problem is the vast majority of people can’t conceive of large numbers or statistics that well. Most people rationalize good trading performance as being primarily due to luck and having very little to do with skill. I wanted to point out in my public track record on trading, out of 1000 calls, the average call performed above the 90th percentile. Maintaining such a high success rate over so many calls assuming trading is solely due to luck is less than 1 in 1000 orders. I should note the amount of subatomic particles in the Universe is less than 100 orders. Another way to put it, the chances of doing something 1 in 1000 orders is like getting the lottery jackpot over 100 times in a row.

The goal of the black magic and voodoo dolls is to make me give up my belief in Allah. But every time they do a surge of black magic and voodoo dolls I respond by praying vastly more. I wanted to note that I sleep extra hours due to black magic sometimes. Allah credits me that time as intense praying because the black magic is violating my free will. When I pray I focus on serving Allah solely. I don’t directly pray for favors from Allah. I let Allah choose how he wants to appropriately bless me for serving him. I am completely on Allah’s mission and timetable. I continuously pray “Bind Satan, Reverse Satan.” Satan is the source of all sickness, death and poverty. Humanity was cursed ever since Satan tempted Adam and Eve to have the Forbidden Fruit. Satan is preventing humanity from reaching infinity. We will have eternal paradise without Satan. I believe praying is the most productive thing to do. I have no regrets about being imprisoned for 3 years in my life. Before I was imprisoned I never prayed. Now I pray over 10 hours a day. I believe I am more productive than ever with my intense praying schedule. My number one regret is not starting praying earlier. I believe I got ahead vastly by being imprisoned. I think the first 1000 hours of prayer is the hardest. As you pray more it gets easier with time. Prayer is direct communication with Allah, the ultimate master and creator of the Universe.

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