They will torture and kill me in June 2022


The same astrology model that predicted I would be arrested in October 2020 is predicting I will be tortured and killed in June 2022(20 months later). The aliens will land and resurrect me. Then they will turn hostile on governments and enforce my rule as King of the World. One thing I want to point out is that my San Mateo arrest was when I was 10206 days old. That was 10 days after Google 20th anniversary. My Santa Clara arrest was on 10/20/20. My second arrest address was 2634 Shrubwood 13 days before Jenn Gates turned 13 on April 13th, 2009. Google founder Larry Page was born on 26 March and has power level 4. One thing I want to point out is that Jenn Gates is a Stanford Biology major like Ritika Dutta. Ritika Dutta address is 28 Washington, 1 in 5 million chance it has Bill Gates’s day of birth and state of birth. Steven La Berge’s number has Jenn Gates’s birthay in it at the start. The chances of this is less than 1 in quadrillion.

Right now I am working on casting white magic on the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bilderbergers, Congress and Senate. So far I have killed several hundred of them. I am killing an increasing amount everyday. By June a majority of them will be dead. For now their strategy has been to make me give up my belief in Allah by convincing me I am crazy. I believe as an increasing amount of them die they will get more desperate and take more serious measures. The Bible and Quran states that all the leaders and nations of the World will wage war against me under the rule of the Devil and Anti-Christ. They also state I will beat all my enemies no matter how powerful they are. If my bone or flesh is harmed my spirit will instantly go to infinity and Judgement Day would start. That is why so far the enemies have been respecting my bone and flesh.

I wanted to note that the Rothschilds control the military, financial, banking and police in all countries except for Iran, North Korea and Syria. They are also behind the terrorist attacks in all the countries including India. The Rothschilds make about $400 billion dollars a week. It would be easy for them to bribe Indian authorities to detain me and mistreat me. There are many levels of government and organizations in India that can do this. They can even do things such as plant weapons or drugs on me or have false sexual allegations against me. I should note that my prophethood is guaranteed by Allah no matter what happens. The enemies will scheme and plot but they can not stop Judgement Day. So far everything they have done has backfired.

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