Enemies cruising at 100% backfire rate still….


Satanism is really sick to the core. The Satanists have introduced many people and elements in my life that claim to “help” me and be my “friends”. Some including doctors, FBI, Sheriff, Police, “friends” and many more. Them and their masters actually have very cruel intentions to fabricate very crude lies about me, aliens and God. Nothing is worse than a fake friend. Their intention is to take away me and righteous people our God given future. Their idea of “help” is to make me and righteous people live infinitesimal lives. Many of these pawns flaunt $2 badges, fancy outfits, fancy degrees and fancy rhetoric to promote the idea of helpfulness. I will admit, that some Satanists and Satanist agents cracked and told me the about what was going on. Not just my best friends, but even people I barely knew who realized that I was in a very serious situation and that the operation against me was evil. I believe God commanded these people in those instances to help me out. Those people that “cracked” had some good in them and/or favor for God/religion.

I should note, no one employed by the Devil against me has been willing to publicly proclaim or provide written/recorded proof that can be traced back to them. They always tell details in person giving some hints about suspicious characters employing them to watch over me and tell me certain things. After they tell me these things they appear to have massive fear for their physical and financial security. Allies in the Illuminati have been willing to anonymously give bitcoin in “decent” USD amounts. I have been in contact with Googlers, Rothschilds and Rockefellers that have sympathy for me and feel like they are held “hostage” by the Devil. I’ll be honest, even David Rockefeller(I say this only because he is dead now and still a vast majority of the Rockefeller bloodline is still vastly loyal to the Devil.) advised me in 2011 to not talk to or deal with Rothschilds and ignore them. The Rockefellers were nonetheless instrumental in my “medical harassment” by the “system”. They pretty much control the medical system in the United States.

On January 13, 2016 the FBI interviewed me at my house(4 agents) regarding a complaint from Rothschild that I was harassing him. I will admit, yes, I was harassing him but I wasn’t the initial aggressor. Rothschild kept harassing me for 4+ years with voodoo dolls, black magic, phone call and internet activity by his agents and a ton other things. He didn’t leave any recorded/written proof that can trace back to him. Anyways, the FBI was trying to convince me and my faaily I’m mentally ill and intimidate us from being religious. They flat out failed, elements of the meeting and what was going on in the World then actually implied further by a factor of quadrillion+ to one that universal events are based on me. The FBI agents were actually on heavy black magic. Me and my parents shook their hands. The next day my mom went to India and met my cousin’s Fiancee Priyanka for the first time who got married on January 20, 2016. 

Priyanka(now his former wife) died of a heart attack at the age of 32 on August 18, 2020. I believe Pryainka’s death is related to Satanic spirit transfer from the FBI agents onto my mom and alter onto Priyanka. On another note, August 18, 2020 is exactly 66 days before October 23, 2020, the latest date for Judgement Day. Anyways, there is a very awkward incident that happened back in 2013. I saw a relative a couple weeks before he suicided by hanging on November 4, 2013. He seemed perfectly happy and fine at the time I saw him. Anyways, his suicide is very bizarre, he didn’t leave any note at all and didn’t appear suicidal to people around him. I believe the suicide was from Satanic spirit transfer from me and my mom onto him. The date of suicide is 7 years before I expect the end of Satanism. On another note, he suicided on the 7th floor. My grandfather recently died on May 4, 2020 and I inherited that 7 story apartment building where this took place. May 4, 2020 is 6 months before November 4, 2020.

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