Enemies getting on my nerves…


“The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him” -Muhammad

I end up deciding who goes to Paradise and who goes to Hell-Fire at Judgement Day. However, the people who have realized this for over a decade have been treating me like total trash. They are doing this with the intention of holding me “hostage” and force me to worship them. This is because they want to go to Paradise despite them and their families living wicked lives. It’s funny it makes no sense. They know scripture well and know they stand no chance yet they keep at it. Even after 9+ years of flat out failure on this operation they are throwing more at it. God, angels and prophets don’t give into extortion. The notion that those who show contempt for God will get the best pleasures while those who love God will get the worst punishment is ridiculous.Gates and Zuckerberg have to get over themselves. I have seen tons of people with average intelligence and $2 badges far more powerful than them and their posse. Gates and Zuckerberg are the bottom billionth of humanity. As being Anti-Christs, they are the farthest from God, thus God will control them to do actions with the worst possible destiny. 

It’s just a question of when the “destiny” comes to realization. The destiny is fully realized at Judgement Day. Everyday that passes with 100% of things backfiring on the Illuminati the better things are in my favor. My enemies are losing time left to thwart Judgement Day. My spirit is growing stronger and stronger, limiting what they can do. Also from a statistical basis they are more likely to keep maintaining a 100% backfire rate due to the Law of Large Numbers. I am pretty sure they are going to do a detention soon. Very similar tactics are being used. “Medication torture”, Facebook newsfeed activity, black magic and when all that fails they opt for detention. Every detention flat out backfired. Enemies are still ramping up black magic. Fires over the nation are expanding due to this. I gave my enemies a little bit of leeway lately and they took way too much. My family is back to arguing due to the black magic. Anyways, before the last detention I requested a public apology for me to give painless deaths and no humiliated bodies. Since they flat out shit on my face since then I have to torture and humiliate bodies.

What I found interesting is that during the investigation in Northern California(where the case was) no one in the DA’s office, Police and/or Sheriff’s visited or discussed my website in hundreds of pages of case documents. The case was over harassing emails. In all emails I send to people my website is linked in the signature. In fact at the time(and even now) my website implies illegal activities including: 1. Conspiracy to commit murder, 2. Conspiracy to commit war crimes, 3. Espionage, 4. Treason, 5. Conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity, 6. Blackmail, 7. Conspiracy to take away civil rights, 8. Conspiracy to imprison a person, 9. Conspiracy to kill an elected official, 10. Conspiracy to torture a person, 11. Homicide, 12. Releasing a weapon of mass destruction, 13. Terrorism, 14. Conspiracy to commit genocide, 15. Conspiracy to murder a peace officer, 16. Conspiracy to murder a judicial official, 17. Threatening to commit a terrorist act. The DA was apt to prosecute the case against me to the maximum extent on the “criminal harassing” charges and bring up any and every possible reason of me being a danger to others. She was seeking things such as 1,000% bail increase(to $1M) beyond standard bail amounts. She wanted and had me detained despite $100K bond posted for me. However, she ALWAYS ignored my website. The reason why the authorities ignored my website was because Rothschild used black magic on them to not go to it and ignore it. My website contained/contains a lot of incriminating evidence of the US government and Satanic bloodlines. Furthermore, many of the elements of my website involve capital crimes which if I was charged for would gather much attention.

Looking back over my life everything is fitting into place. I always knew I was going to be the most powerful in the World. I always knew I was going to rule the World. I always knew I was going to live forever. I always knew I was going to introduce humans to aliens. I always had a deep hatred for Israel, Zionism and Jewry. When Judgement Day commences, aliens will quickly turn hostile and enforce my rule along with other righteous people. 80%+ of the current human population will be deemed wicked and executed. The wicked will not stand the slightest chance. It turns out that the wrong people messed with the wrong person. They are continuing on their path of self-destruction. While right now the super-rich and corrupt are happy with counting their money and power they won’t see the Black Swan of Judgement Day. They continue with their wishful thinking that it will never happen. Scripture says that the vast majority of people will be deceived around Judgement Day by Satan except for a chosen few of God’s servants. I’m happy I’m on the winning side. On another note, I remember when people used to laugh when I said I was capable of $100B damage. I believe I am capable of over a million times more than that.

For some humor(this was back in 2014):

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