Coward dancing Enemies cruising on 100% backfire rate…


Basically the assassination of Shinzo indicates the satanists will be dead soon. I wanted to note that gun homicide rates in japan are one thousandth of USA. The event is a tremendous outlier event equivalent to the Norway massacre. You will notice the Norway massacre date is in the location coordinates of assassination. The Norway massacre happened because bill gates gave the order to start stealing and sabotaging my work. The Norway massacre date is on my birth certificate. The assassin used a homemade gun. The assassin noted that his motivation was due to Shinzos association with a religious group the police refused to name. I believe this religious group is the Illuminati. The death was on the 183 anniversary of Rockefeller birth. I should note the Rockefellers ordered my torture, humiliation and imprisonment on September 3 2012. The time of check in was 3:18. On March 18, 2020 volatility topped off in markets from the Covid-19 crash. Furthermore my mother was checked into a hospital because of black magic on March 18, 2021. These two hospitalizations were the only times catheters were used on my family. Anyways, Shinzo will suffer infinitely more in hellfire. The assassin gets eternal bliss at Judgement Day.

Anyways, things are going very well. I wish the best for everyone. I wanted to further note, there are references to sandy hook massacre, las vegas massacre and my Palo alto case. Anyways, Allah is infinite of satan.

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