Enemies losing at accelerating pace…


“On the Day the punishment will cover them from above them and from below their feet and it is said, “Taste [the result of] what you used to do.”


“And they urge you to hasten the punishment. And if not for [the decree of] a specified term, punishment would have reached them. But it will surely come to them suddenly while they perceive not.”


Say, “Sufficient is Allah between me and you as Witness. He knows what is in the heavens and earth. And they who have believed in falsehood and disbelieved in Allah – it is those who are the losers.”


The Satanists are ramping up black magic to record highs. They are losing at an accelerating pace. One thing I wanted to point out is that according to the Quran Allah punishes lust, black magic, falsehood, theft, bribery and idol worshiping. Furthermore, Allah rewards hardship, truth telling, prayer, persecution for righteousness and resisting evil. Allah determines the action, deeds, sustenance, calamities, destiny of everyone before they are even born. The Satanists are being given the illusion they can beat Allah when Allah controls everything they do. I wanted to emphasize that the calculations per second of the human race is about 28 digits. The calculations per second of Allah is beyond 1 million digits. My estimates are that so far the Satanists have spent in excess of $500 billion on this operation against me. Their goal was to crash my spirit, instead my spirit has gone to infinity. In the meanwhile I have aged them $500 trillion+. I think the way the Satanists are progressing, I will be rewarded more and they will be punished more. I will be worshiped more and them hated more.

Recently the Rothschilds brought 5 Mexicans to vandalize our house. Within a day 50 Mexicans died in trailer in Texas. The Denmark and Chicago shootings are also related to surges in black magic. There is going to be a much larger fifth coronavirus surge and this is related to the harassment of my family. Anyways, things are working out as planned. The satanists never stood a chance.

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