Enemies getting dumber by the second


So basically this is how things have been. Ever since dealing with the Satanists they have stolen and sabotaged over a dozen trading models and business ideas. The value of this intellectual property is at least $500B. Beyond that, they have tortured me with medication, physically tortured me, used voodoo dolls and black magic on me and my family, detained me for 626 days, they mock and insult me, threatened me and my family extensively, used authorities to invent very crude lies about me, turned my best friends and family against me, humiliated me and more. I would say I would be million times richer and look far more attractive right if they didn’t do this to me. I have been treated the utmost unfairly and victimized. However, they have used false authority to frame me as the perpetrator. The more I get victimized the more they frame me as a perpetrator with no end in sight. What’s more outrageous is that they expect me to apologize to them and worship them. 

They keep posting this shit on my Facebook acting like they are doing a favor by offering me Phoebe Gates. Is this some joke they are running? They are trying to get me to hate Bengali girls and like White girls along with being a sex addict with the black magic. However, it is having absolutely the opposite effect due to the strength of my spirit. I have by far and large shown supremacy against the Satanists. Every step of the way, every single thing they have thrown my way has backfired. What was intended as thousands of obstacles ended up putting me far ahead each and every single time. They keep flaunting power by being cowards. My spirit keeps accelerating to higher and higher levels. This recent San Mateo case was an utter-joke, it was their largest operation, they threw all they can at me over the whole time and it flat out backfired. My spirit is at least 3,000% stronger than Fall 2018 and they are far more limited than ever.

There is a hearing for my case on July 28 in San Mateo with whether to transfer my probation down to Los Angeles. On another note, this is precisely when Bill Gates turns 777(my power level is 7) months old. My mom for some reason thinks it would be better for probation to be down here than in San Mateo cause the Los Angeles “authorities” have been “nice”. She has no clue, the Los Angeles “authorities” have been fabricating very crude lies about me since 2012. Just because police detectives and psychiatrists from Los Angeles recommended dropping my case she favors Los Angeles. The truth is, they were setup as “controlled resistance” to give my mom the idea that my case was fair. Anyways, probation here means it is easier for the sheriff and police to harass me by coming to my house to search/seize electronics, internet accounts and my living area along with conducting drug/alcohol tests. Personally, I don’t care about the decision of the hearing on the 28th. God already chose the best circumstance for me and humanity 13.8B+ years ago.

Recently the Satanists have started another bout of black magic. It’s evident who it’s from considering the recent flare up of protests in Seattle… Anyways, just means that “treating respect” and “humiliation” will be all the more funner. The end result of this continued stupidity on their part is that I will be worshiped more and them hated more after Judgement Day. Let me make this clear the Satanists are selfish and arrogant. Not treating me with proper respect and dignity has resulted in massive damage to outsiders. They can’t even talk to me under their real identities unless they are trying to make me look crazy like how I was dealing with Charles Rothschild acting like broke con man. Time upon time they have shown to be very very dishonest and hostile to not only me, but humanity and God. I have continuously insisted for a public apology or at least not to cross certain “Line in Sands” including medication, humiliation, insulting, mocking, stealing, black magic and more. They have straight up flouted such requests.

On another note, over 90% of marriages below the age of 35 happen when the net worth of the man is below $300K in the United Staes. That means they don’t have a house, car, high bank balance and high paying job. At least by my “standards”. One thing I want to point out, during my undergraduate years I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. That is the highest salaried profession in the United States at around $800,000 inclusive of bonuses and benefits. The average neurosurgeon in training at my age(29) has a negative -$185,000 net worth due to education debt and they don’t get out of that debt until after the age of 36(the average age of completion of neurosurgery training). I’ve actually stated this numerous times over the last 5 years that I won’t start dating until I make at least $10M a year(well above 99.99th+ percentile for 30-35 range). So I don’t see myself behind at all. Beyond that, there is a very strong correlation that people that earn and accumulate more money marry later.

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