Enemies losing at much faster pace than thought


So anyways, when my website came up in Summer 2014 with my story, the Satanists started to take note. On August 29, 2014, Rothschild posted motorcycle photos to desperately look like a “fake Rothschild” con man. Rich people very rarely drive motorcycles because they have a fatality rate 3,000%+ of cars on average. It’s far more extreme when comparing to premium/luxury cars. In reference to the Ava Lynn exchange in December 2018 where the cowardly Satanists were backing off I noticed some other things. There is a Facebook page “Justice for AvaLynn” that came up on August 29, 2014(the same exact day of “motorcycle photos”). I believe that page was made by them along with info about it fabricated in media outlets. This page is a major source of black magic and has satanic numbers on it. The chances of these 2 events taking place on the same day is 1 in ~9,000,000. Another thing, Rothschild’s AMR call in December 2011 was the best by a far margin out of about 50 calls he made that I reviewed. Of those calls, the AMR call is the only one with my date of birth in it. The chances of this is 1 in ~2,500. It also showed he had knowledge before the public of Rothschild Inc involved in bankruptcy litigation and court rulings in AMR favor. On another note, the Ava Lynn email is EXACTLY 264 words long, Jenn Gate’s date of birth(26th April).

I did a search for Ava Lynn on Facebook and it appears that there are hundreds of Ava Lynn profiles that the Satanists have been casting black magic through. There is far more Ava Lynn profiles in the United States(10,000%+) on Facebook than is predicted based on population statistics in the United States. This shouldn’t happen for non-celebrity names. I have tested it out over many names. I have reviewed many of them and they are blatantly fake profiles with interesting numbers. Take a look at this one. The semi-ID has Melinda Gates’s date of birth. The full ID ends with Ritika’s date of birth(she’s someone with strong Christ blood) and my power level. On another note, I’m repulsed at nymphs, I’m really sexually conservative. I’m still a virgin because I believe in only having one sexual relationship during my life. My enemies know this and have failed at every attempt to tempt me. On another note, it is still stupid to have associations with Lynn. Pushing this Ava Lynn hypothesis is such a joke, it flat out failed at the start and they keep at it. My enemies have literally been waking up every day for the last 8 years to see a 100% backfire rate on everything that they do and they never get the point.

I also wanted to note the existence Youtube channels sexualizing young girls under the name Ava Lynn. Anyways, it appears my enemies are using black magic from thousands of sources everyday. Far more than I realized. Previously I thought it was just a few dozen. Basically, the Satanists are trying to build a massive “Satanic energy” relation to Ava Lynn while casting Satanic possession on my family. That is effecting my dad particularly because he doesn’t believe in God. But has the opposite effect on me cause I have the strongest spirit ever. I also wanted to point out one thing. Google Video has 2,000% times the hits for Ava Lynn than Melinda Gates.  The hits for Ava Lynn are even far more than celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg, Ivanka Trump, Daniel Radcliffe, Paris Hilton and on par with Emma Watson. This is despite the fact there is no celebrity named Ava Lynn.




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