Enemies losing at a faster pace than ever…


The Satanists love to take pride in hating God, God-lovers and God’s prophets. They are crossing line in sands at an ever higher rate. Actually it’s indicating I am winning at an ever higher rate because 100% of what they are throwing at me is backfiring on them. The fact that they are taking anonymous jabs at me is because they’re too fucking scared to show their real names. They believe they can degrade me and make me give up my belief in God so that their black magic would work on me. I’m being mocked on Facebook now as down-syndrome, monkey, ugly and poor. What gets at me is that my enemies show absolutely zero remorse. On the contrary they are getting more and more wicked as time passes. Although they are fully aware that they are getting more and more limited as time passes.

Anyways, it’s just strengthening my belief that we need to have eternal torment and suffering for prolific transgressors. They’ve always done waves of degrading and uplifting on the Facebook Newsfeed, hundreds of times over, each and every single time it backfires on them. Yet they keep on at it as if somehow the next time it’ll have a different effect. It’s not just the Facebook Newsfeed harassment but things such as voodoo dolls, demonic possession on people around me, detainment, stealing money/intellectual property and other stuff. Literally every single thing, 100% backfire rate. It’s funny seeing the masters being framed by their pawns for an ever greater punishment. The Satanists PAY to suffer more and be humiliated more, earlier and with greater certainty. 

My enemies keep saying that “relationships” can’t be built online. They use this statement as a jab towards online interactions between me and a girl in London. But one thing I should note, the Satanists are trying to make me like Jennifer Gates primarily through what they put on my Facebook, Google and Microsoft accounts along with talking to “her” online. It’s a little funny that Jennifer Gates is engaged to a skinny Muslim guy. Right now my body fat % is double what it should be due to torture medication. Truth be told I believe the reasoning behind this is to make me jealous and go for Phoebe Gates. Anyways, soon the World will be 100% Muslims and it will enrage the Muslim world that such sick tactics are used.

On another note, the plaintiffs and witnesses for my case in San Mateo County are going to get the death penalty after Judgement Day. This is foretold in 2 mass shootings, 1 boat fire and a house fire:

On October 27, 2018(this is also 24 hours within Bill Gates’s 63rd birthday) there was the largest shooting ever against Jews in the United States at a synagogue in Pennsylvania. Anyways, 11 out of the 13 Jews shot died. The person who filed the case against me was 1113 days younger than me. The shooter also injured 4(Bill Gates’s power level) officers. The shooters arraignment was exactly the same day as my first conservatorship hearing. 

Then, 11 days after the first shooting,(by the way 11 refers to number of letters in Jesus Christ), on November 7, 2018,(by the way 7 is a reference to my power level and holy number 7) there was a shooting in Newbury Park, CA(On another note, the Satanists were primarily using black magic on one of my friends from Newbury Park to mock me in Summer 2018 on Facebook). The victim who was most covered in the shooting was a sheriff from Ventura County named “Ron Helus”. Anyways, it appears he was shot 6(Rothschild’s power level) times, with the 6th bullet being fatal going into the heart from a California Highway Patrol Officer. Anyways, the person who “allegedly” prompted the case was named Ronit and his address is a reference to Sheriffs and the main plaintiffs DOB comes up in his address. Anyways, the name of the sheriff is reference to Ronit and his “group” going to Hell.

On July 28, 2019 there was the “Star Fire” in Chino Hills, CA. The main witness in the case was from Chino Hills. On another note her address in Chino Hills is a reference to Phoebe Gates and the day I was arrested for the case. Anyways, I turned 10523 days old that. 105 stands for my date of birth(October 5th) and 523 stands for Rory Gates’s date of birth(May 23). 

Then, on September 2, 2019, there was the worst boating disaster in California since 1865(154 years, this is also Richard Ha’s date of birth, the person they were comparing to me in marrying Jen Gates since 2012). The boating disaster was off an Santa Cruz(named after Santa Cruz County in Northern California) Island in Santa Barbara County. Anyways, one of the primary plaintiffs/witnesses in the case was from Santa Cruz county. On another note, the boat was 75 feet long. My power level and day of birth.

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