Extermination of evil is very soon…


Anyways, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department isn’t scaring me one bit. On another note, it appears people from practically all of the government agencies I have been involved with have been reading my website through personal devices/connections. The Rothschilds are using black magic to make me like white girls, make me feel scared and make me addicted to sex. But because my spirit is so strong and getting stronger at a faster pace continuously, their black magic is backfiring. Again the Satanists are blowing off resources for the opposite effect. I find the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to be a bastion of corruption within Los Angeles. They’re way overpaid(What kind of job that doesn’t require a college degree and averages $160K inclusive of benefits and bonus?). I believe after Judgement Day I will assess that many sheriffs were corrupt and I will reveal their memories and actions. I will also condemn some to eternal torment and suffering in hell-fire. Some of them may be executed by CRUCIFIXION and have humiliated bodies with 666 pounds of fat injected. For some the punishments will include their family members.

I keep getting the comments that I should “forget and forgive” the Satanists. Every time I took that stance they went on the offensive towards me. Using black magic, voodoo dolls, mocking, insulting, inventing crude lies, stealing(they have stolen and sabotaged a dozen of my trading models) and more. The Satanists use fabricated things 70 years ago(the Holocaust) against the White people and continue to stuff it down the throats of everyone globally. Their eventual aim is for global Holocaust Denial Laws. The Satanists use fabricated things 19 years ago(Muslims behind 9/11) as a weapon to oppress Muslims and get support for Israel. The Satanists continue using fabricated things 8 years ago against me. If they had a chance they would continue using fabricated things against the righteous FOREVER. We must charge the wicked for what they have done. If the wicked feel the need to charge the righteous for fabricated things they have not done, by every means the wicked should be held accountable for their actions.

I want to eliminate all hate and unhappiness. I want everyone to be happy. I love people so much. I hate the wicked so much. I don’t regard the wicked as people. They’re animals. We must make every move possible to exterminate the wicked forever from this planet. They have no regards for the good of society or any morals. They show their lack of self-esteem by hiding. I’ll admit, sometimes death penalty with no “cruel and unusual” punishment is too good for some transgressors. That’s why things like torture, humiliation and hell-fire exist. The extremely wicked rightfully deserve their eternal torment and suffering in hell-fire. I keep thinking about what I’ll do the wicked when I confront them at Judgement Day. To be honest, I don’t need to question or confront them. I will already know everything on their mind and more(both conscious and subconscious). On the extent of “punishing” them in the physical realm, the more I make them suffer now the less they suffer in the after-life. To be honest, I don’t like seeing blood and/or people suffer in front of me. I’ll admit though I am particularly interested in humiliating the bodies of Gates and Zuckerberg families.

One thing I like about the recent case in San Mateo County is that it paints my enemies in a very very bad light. I get charged for harassing government agents… When government agents harass me a million times more beforehand. How is that FAIR? I’m the SON OF GOD. God is infinitely greater than Satan. I hold authority over Satan by far. The United States of America is Great Satan. It’s a piece of shit nation and I will always hate it. The shit that has gone down the last 8-9 years can only happen in the “freedom” of America. Anyways, Judgement Day is very soon. I’m calling it in before November 2020. We must always keep our hope in God and that he will keep his promise of Judgement Day along with accordingly judge everyone justly and equitably. The 13 Cowardly Filthy Satanic bloodlines choose the worst person to mess with out of 7B+ on this planet. I’ll soon have a power way beyond their wildest imaginations. Some people in House of Google, House of Rothschild and House of Rockefeller hedged their bets well. So I will admit that “some” Satanic blood will be allowed to exist and procreate. 

On another note some of the mocking going on in Facebook now:

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