I was born to destroy the Devil’s plans


 “I’m sending my file to the authorities. The FBI/NSA will be after you.” That’s what Charles Rothschild told me in September 2012 after he stole over $500B+ in intellectual property, physically/emotionally/medically tortured me, detained me, turned everyone against me, threatened me, mocked me, casted black magic, voodoo dolls and more. By the way, this very man is behind the 9/11 terror attacks and many other things far worse. He’s the Prince of Evil, the Primary Opponent of God. He’s the boss of Trump, Gates, Zuckerberg, Pelosi, Putin, Modi and more. He wrecks terror on and deceives the World. Now thankfully, the Muslims stepped in and stabilized the situation in September 2012. It was funny how the Satanists spent over a year of harassing and degrading me. Then the Muslims totally uplift me by showing how much they respect prophets.

When Ronit(my former best friend) first told me about the Satanists contacting him in early 2012 he noted some interesting elements. They were scared of me being associated with Avinash Venkatesh(Yale Law Grad). Then they asked Ronit if he was a “real friend” to me, when he answered yes they were scared because it would be harder to manipulate Ronit against me. Ronit also noted to me that the Satanists were also scared of me knowing about their existence as if I would “somehow” overpower them if I was aware of them. Immediately when Ronit told me this, he took his cigarette and burned it onto my chest through my shirt. I smoked 100’s of cigarettes with him and he never did this, it was a sign from God that he was under black magic to not tell me. 

Ronit also said that his jobs and “security” were then under their control. They also asked him who else to include in the operation and that their jobs and security would also be under Satanist control. They brought two names Ivan or Varun, Ronit went with Varun as we were closer to him. They also said that Varun’s jobs and security were under their control. Anyways, Ronit couldn’t add up the logic very well. Why would the US government and Satanic bloodlines be scared of me? It’s because I would be too powerful them to control and be an existential threat. I found it very funny how he kept regarding people like Zuckerberg and Gates above me. I found it even funnier how he felt the need to compare me to him financially when he was 3 years older than me. I wanted to show a funny email he sent me back in 2017. Note the 4(Gates power level) and 28(Gates day of birth). He was under Satanic possession when he sent the e-mail.

On another note, the death of Charlie Daniels is sending shivers down the Illuminati. (Charlie is namesake for Charles, Charles Rothschild is the head of the Rothschild bloodline and the Devil.) Charles Daniels has the same birthday as Bill Gates(October 28th). He died on 7/6/2020, there is competition between the power levels 7(Christ) and 6(Satan). His main song is “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. The song is about how the Devil fails to get a young man to sell his soul for a worldly prize. What’s interesting is that the young man in the song claims to be the “best that’s ever been.” That’s precisely what I told Rothschild back in 2012. Furthermore, the song was released 2 days 20 years before Rory Gates’s date of birth. Bill Gates initially hacked my computer and contacted me on February 20th, 2012. The Illuminati is quite clearly still operating on a 100% backfire rate. I am still a younger age than 99% of prophethoods commencing.

Anyways, Illuminati is turning less hostile. Still having issues with people disappearing suddenly or chat histories being manipulated/disappearing. 

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