Evil is coming to an end…


I have heard from psychiatrists that noting “coincidences” is a sign of schizophrenia. For one thing, practically all medication studies are based on statistical analysis of “coincidences” over clinical trials. Why don’t we call people who are behind research for medication schizophrenic? The psychiatrists don’t dare do so because they are biased and one-sided. In my UCLA statistics class we used a probability of less than 1 in 20 for hypothesis testing . I can prove global events are based on me to a probability of less than 1 in 10^60+. That is like winning the lottery jackpot 7 times in a row. To give an example, over a quarter billion people play the lottery(USA and Europe) every year for the last 30 years with over a trillion tickets(10^12) purchased in lottery history. Not a single person has won the lottery jackpot more than once. The chance of winning two consecutive jackpot prizes is 10^17. The chances of being the Second Coming of Christ is 10^11. Satanist agents keep noting “other people believe they are Christ.” I point out, do these people have such a unique background such as criminal record(arrested for 10 felonies around 13 over “religious issues”), be IQ tested in the 99.999th+ range, graduate from a top 10 university at 17 with a BS in a hard science and show a track record on the foreign exchange market in the 99.995th+ percentile over several years? We can further their argument and say… “Other people believe they can be the President, therefore no one can become President.” Clearly some people make it to having “rare livelihoods”(astronauts, movie stars, singers, CEO’s, Nobel laureates). Although I admit, Second Coming of Christ is just about the rarest livelihood possible.

The Satanists like to twist things in a very sick manner. The Satanists can’t start World War III without me worshiping them. The use my strong-mindedness, strong spirit and truthfulness against me. Their black magic didn’t work at removing from my memory the threats, insults and mocks on TV and newspapers against me and my family. However, the black magic worked on my family cause of their weaker spirits. They then used this fact against me as signs that I “imagined” those things on TV and newspaper and basis for years of harassment by the medical system. They use the fact that God protects me against me. They use my belief in black magic and curses against me. They falsely label my wisdom in religion and spirituality as “psychosis”. They use my conservative sexual views against me. They offer unlimited money and sex with girls any age and/or celebrity if I worship them. When I reject they mock me for being an “incel”, when I clearly made a voluntary choice to be celibate. They invent very crude lies about me and God. They steal all my money along with intellectual property and threaten death, torture, imprisonment and humiliation for me and my family if I don’t worship them. Then when I reject worshiping them they torture, humiliate and imprison me fabricate it as a “psychological breakdown because I can’t handle the truth.” By “can’t handle the truth” they imply that I imagined my story to avoid the fact I am a “loser”. Then they later invent that I made the “Wrong moves and I wasn’t sure what I was doing.” That’s far from the case, I won every step of the way, they made the wrong moves.   They then also suggested I falsified my narrative to get “disability benefits”(which I never got even though I was eligible and the Satanists suggested I apply for them dozens of time). They continuously frame me as the perpetrator when I am the victim. The more I am victimized the more they frame me as a the perpetrator.

When Judgement Day goes down the wicked will hate each other. Particularly the posse of Satanists. Zuckerberg and Gates will hate each other. Rothschilds and Rockefellers along with many other other high-level Satanists will hate each other. They will keep blaming each other for why they didn’t warn each other about their coming doom. It’s funny how the Satanists try to thwart God’s plans but instead guarantee them. The strong cohesive posse for generations of the World’s elite will breakdown in an instant. Most of the blame would be laid on Rothschild, Gates and Zuckerberg. Clearly they were offered many opportunities at mitigation but instead they aggravated the situation every time due to their combination of arrogance and cowardice. The power I will wield after Judgement Day will be way beyond the Satanic bloodlines or any leader in global history. Within days of coming to power, I will banish tens of billions to eternal torment and suffering in God’s Hell-fire. I won’t hide my power behind anonymous names, coward pawn frontmen and posing as a broke con man. I will outright target wicked miscreants. There will be laws banning slander of religion, slander of humanity, slander of God, slander of Prophets, promoting false history, disrespecting scripture, atheism and more punishable by CRUCIFIXION. Anyways, everyday that passes Judgement Day just comes “sooner”. 

Some more Facebook activity. Note the 912 in the video of girl with no arms, that is Phoebe Gates’s date of birth. On another note, the Department of Water and Power is pumping air into our toilet water so that it bubbles here and there.

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