Enemies continuing cruise at 100% backfire rate…


The Satanists keep showing how much dumber and wickeder they can get. Right now it feels like no end in sight. Everyday, they do at least 10,000+ things, 100% backfire on every single thing. Yet they keep at it thinking they will eventually win. They’re closing the doors to any mercy and opening doors to cruelty. Obviously, they invest their time, effort and money in every single action in this operation with the idea that it will put them forward. Things are backfiring at a more rapid pace than ever. But it keeps adding statistical confidence that they are losing and I am winning when this long streak of 1,000,000+ things backfiring continues. In regards to the black magic, it is still having an opposite effect on me and an increased effect on parents(particularly dad). The Satanists are making it clear they don’t want any mitigation. They are dealing in absolutes with me. They either want total victory or total loss. The best thing to do in their situation is a public apology for quick painless deaths and no humiliated bodies. Despite them flouting my offers of leniency I will keep this offer open till Judgement Day as a show of compassion. Also, I already see “Ava Lynn” as a piece of shit liar hell bent on degrading me and denying my suffering through fabricated stories. However they continue to use black magic associated with that name. Lynn Le who that name is based off is also the weakest minded woman I have ever known…

I would love to love everyone. I wish that I “disliked” no one. But my experience over the years, particularly very recently, shows that the vast majority of people are wicked. On another note, the reason the USA didn’t strike Iran in January 2020 despite over 100 USA soldiers being injured from Iranian military strike was because of me. A strike on Iran would immediately cause aliens to turn hostile. Trump likes to act powerful with his rhetoric but nonetheless he needs Rothschild’s permission to attack Iran and Rothschild needs my permission to give permission to Trump to attack Iran. I’m going to have to admit the Iranians had a very big PR disaster this January with the stampede at the General’s funeral, the handling of the riots and the shoot-down of the commercial airliner. What I find funny is how all of Rothschild’s sycophants LOVE him. Big deal, Rothschild gives them 3 seconds of his income(~$1M based on 86,400 seconds for 365 days a year). In return he guarantees his sycophants and their families suffer eternal torment and suffering. All the “authorities” are amazed at this evil character who is above the law, giving them higher paying positions and money in offshore bank accounts. Many people are paid very very measly sums to participate in the operation against me. Some of the higher-level sycophants are paid sums in the billions by using their companies to fabricate news events and partake in insider trading.

Anyways, going to show some of the stuff posted on my Facebook lately. They keep comparing me to a monkey. 

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