Judgement Day soon….


The Satanists wrongly assume the reason Judgement Day hasn’t happened yet is because God is giving them “chances to win”. That’s far from the case. The reason Judgement Day hasn’t happened yet is because God wants the wicked to be laughed at more, suffer more, hated more, mocked more and humiliated more while the just will be worshiped more. Why else would God allow the spirit of the number one justice seeker grow by 350,000%+ during this “trial”? The Satanists are using their “extra chances” from God by getting more wicked and showing contempt of God. Of the 8B people on the planet currently, most will be gone by the end of the year. The Satanists try to frame me as a crazed lunatic who hates society. It is quite the contrary, I love humanity greatly. I see the majority of people as wicked. They would burn a Bible and/or Quran for a measly sum of money. They would take unethical bribes, slander Prophets and slander God. Removing the wicked is a part of my love for humanity. The wicked deserve no place in the eternal Paradise, Kingdom of God, that I will rule. I keep realizing as time progresses that there are many wicked people out there. Pretty much everyone outside my family I have encountered is wicked.

Arguing with a person on black magic is like talking to a wall. The Satanists keep ramping up black magic to all time highs. My mom keeps saying everything is a figment of my imagination. My dad keeps saying Rothschild is either a 99 cent store worker, homeless man or black con man. This comes despite a plethora of evidence suggesting otherwise and that Global events are based on me. People make completely illogical arguments when they are on black magic. They invent a premise and then further the argument from there. They cite their older age, make circular arguments and/or stop talking when they lose the argument. I have offered a lot of compassion to the Satanists. I can harm them infinitely more than they can harm me. The Satanists want to avoid Hell-fire and get to the Kingdom of God by doing everything that guarantees the opposite. They show absolutely zero remorse and just keep getting wickeder and wickeder. The door is closing for no torture and humiliation of high-level Satanists. I am quite certain high-level Satanists keep cyanide pills on them in the event the Hour of Judgement comes. They don’t want to be caught alive. But I am also sure that they will be arrested before they commit suicide or they will be resurrected shortly after committing suicide.

On the issue of the Ava Lynn email. I have asked numerous people if they have ever met a person who massively degraded themselves for introduction and not seek money. The answer they gave was no. Same with me, every single person who has degraded themselves for introduction (hundreds of people) did so with the intention to get money, except for Ava Lynn. Furthermore, the “premises” from Ava Lynn imply I can’t even get any money from the allegedly fake Rothschild. In fact, what’s even funnier, Rothschild sends tons of people my way that massively degrade themselves and then ask for money. This makes the Satanist’s activity further backfire because it adds more statistical confidence that Ava Lynn’s behavior was very bizarre. They are testing to see if their black magic is working.  Again they are still pushing the Ava Lynn hypothesis. I wonder how much regrets Bill Gates and his posse ares feeling now over this whole operation. They could have lived 10 more years, sent to Hell later, suffer less in Hell and have been hated significantly less at Judgement Day. It would have cost him $10M(99.99%+ haircut on work and money stolen) in May 2012 after stealing billions in my intellectual property… Instead he wasted billions to die sooner, sent to Hell earlier, suffer more in Hell and be hated far more…

On another note, psychiatry is a very sick science. For my conservatorship the psychiatrists claimed that I had “schizoaffective” disorder since the age of 18 and that this makes me “gravely disabled”. They didn’t show any deterioration in cognitive abilities. They didn’t show any deterioration in working abilities. They just made comments like “disorganized thought processes”. The only records I have during the time period of 18-21 was having an FX track record in the 99.995th+ percentile. Beyond that, I never saw a psychiatrist until forced to by the government at the age of 21. The whole age 18 mental illness onset was a pure fabrication they just pulled out of their ass. Anyways, the “treatment” by the psychiatrists for being “gravely disabled” is a plethora of drugs that make me think slower, have worse memory, flatulent, sleep a lot, be angry, be lazy, black magic voodoo dolls and spells, always hungry, fatter and unable to focus for long periods of time. The drugs are just basically torture drugs and they continuously ramp it up as long I don’t change my views. It’s interesting that the drugs cause deterioration in cognitive and working abilities when they are given to “cure” such problems. Truth be told, I don’t argue with they psychiatrists much because it’s like talking to a wall.

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