Wisconsin shooting, pleading guilty, God’s real intentions


For the frivolous San Mateo case I plead guilty on February 27, 2020. Anyways, within 24 hours(the day before), February 26th, 2020, there was a shooting in Wisconsin where 6 people died. This was 2 months before Jenn Gates’s birthday(April 26). The first person to die in the shooting was named “Jesus” and was 33. The prophet Jesus(2000 years ago, First Coming) was CRUCIFIED at the age of 33. The shooting was at the address 3939 Highland, that is Niv’s (my only soulmate) date of birth(March 9th imperial form) twice and the date I was tortured, humiliated and imprisoned in 2012(September 3 international form). The facility I plead guilty from within 24 hours was also at a street named Highland. Anyways, the last time there was shooting  this large in Wisconsin was 2 months before my birthday in 2012 on August 5, 2012. That shooting was at a Sikh Temple and implied that my family wouldn’t live forever if we worship Rothschild. My desire since childhood is that my family lives forever. That shooting along with my desires implies that if we resist Rothschild we will live forever and thus not die.

Anyways I have been offering many amazing mutually beneficial opportunities for the Satanists. The offers have been on the table for many years. The primary deal is that they give the central banks and then take cyanide pills. The other option is that I take the central banks by force and then CRUCIFY them. Another offer is that I give them painless deaths and no humiliated bodies if they give a public apology to me. They have straight up flouted my amazing offers by crossing “Lines in Sand” 100,000’s+ times. On another note, I think one of the things that I regret the most about things is that Ronit is going to Hell. Even though I haven’t talked to him for a long time, he was my best friend ever and I will always care for him. On another note, the Satanists always cite things like “Thou shall not kill” and “God is all-loving, all-merciful”. Thou shall not kill applies to civilians but not authorities after Judgement Day. I’ll take an example, the scriptures note that I lead a war against all the leaders and nations in the World and slay the Anti-Christ’s and Devil along with their followers. God is all-loving, all-merciful to those that worship him. He created Hell-fire with eternal torment and suffering for those that disbelieve in him. The Satanists also note things like “Revenge is for weak people”. Well Israel does stronger revenge on the Palestinians by killing/injuring 50 times more people. The Satanists also like to kill innocent people who have no negative intentions/views of Satanists.

It seems the Satanists have accelerated Judgement Day massively when they tried to thwart it. Anyways, the probation hearing happened in San Mateo on the 28th and the probation has been transferred down to Los Angeles. They keep on ramping up black magic on me to all time highs but it happening the opposite effect because of my spirit strength. Anyways, there was just a major earthquake in Los Angeles and it is a result of the ramping up in black magic. Enemies still cruising on 100% backfire rate, LOL. One thing I hate is the inherent assumption that everything the authorities do is “justified”. There is no longer the assumption of “innocent until proven guilty” in the American justice system. In my case, I will admit, I was creeping out a person(Srijita) by e-mails because she did some stuff that pissed me off during my teenage years. Anyways, the real reason the case was brought up against was because the Satanists noticed my activity in my e-mail accounts and they wanted to persecute me without showing their cowardly identities. In my opinion, the Satanists harassed me million times more than I harassed Srijita. So anyways, the Satanists contacted Srijita and her friends and offered bribes to prosecute charges against me. 

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