Harassment continuing…


So basically, the Rothschilds did a black magic attack today on both of my parents. They love to do this around holidays. Firstly, my mom is scared of me having my website for fear that Rothschilds would retaliate. I’m not scared the least bit because everything he has done has backfired thousands of times over. Authorities with $2 badges? Okay, torture them, CRUCIFY them, humiliate them and their families. Do even more so for their cowardly masters. My dad kept focusing on the Ava Lynn(reference Filthy Cowardly Rothschilds article on my website) email with shitty logic claiming that Rothschild isn’t real. He actually believes that email and thinks she is trying to “help”. He was using very faulty logic. Firstly, I kept pointing out the fact the email is excessively long with perfect grammar, spelling and syntax showing that it was well planned and not impromptu. Also, it is impossible to find my website looking up the meaning Ava or Lynn(furthermore it would have been logical to stop in the first page of search engine results). Beyond that, my website has a very tiny share of global hits and an even tinier share of people that email me about my Rothschild story(less than 1 in 100M people). Another thing, she has nothing to gain by degrading herself to a person she doesn’t know. The Rothschilds have everything to gain by fabricating he isn’t real. That would save them from the torture, CRUCIFIXION, humiliation and/or hell.

I believe the acceleration in Covid and continued riots/protests are a sign of black magic being used on my family.The Satanists keep crossing lines in sand I set. I clearly said stop the black magic harassment numerous times since 2012. By the way, I believe the black magic harassment is speeding up Prophethood and always has been. It’s resulting in Covid spreading faster globally and more riots. This steadfast defiance is really pissing me off. Anyways, doesn’t matter I’ll just increase suffering for the Satanists later because of this. I commit my life to destroying Israel and Satanism. They continue with this shit of irritating me. I am not going to act like they don’t exist as my dad insists. They clearly exist and have continued using fabricated things 8 years ago against me. I still take torture medication and still have a medical report with a bunch of fabricated things. I am not giving a cent into extortion. We’re closer to Judgement Day than ever. The problem with my dad particularly. He thinks that just cause someone is “authority”(FBI, psychiatrist, doctor, nurse, police, sheriff), everything they say is true. He thinks a fucking $2 badge means they are completely honest and have no bad intentions. 

Let me make this clear, the Satanists have chosen the absolute worst possible move every step of the way. They keep making the wrong moves. What pisses me off is that I’m the victim and I am treated as the perpetrator. Normally people who are victims are treated as victims and there is sympathy for them. All through my quest for justice-seeking I have been seen as an evil person. I’m quite the opposite of evil. I target Satanists and evil people. Their eradication from this planet is in the interest of humanity, God and justice- seeking. Anywys, I believe it is appropriate to go on the offensive when the enemy seems weak or backing off. That is how we get decisive victories. One thing I’m going to have to say, I love getting my enemies “alive” than “dead”. Love to teach “respect”. Also, even if someone suicides before being caught by me. I can still resurrect them after Judgement Day. I think my favorite moment in the future is when my enemies begs for MERCY. Then I just torture, CRUCIFY and humiliate them for the fun of it. 

One funny thing is when my enemies send agents that ask… “Do your parents believe you?”… My parents actually disbelieve many correct things. Do my parents believe Jew are behind 9/11? Do my parents believe the Holocaust is a myth? Do my parents believe speed limits kill people? Do my parents believe gun control increases crime? Do my parents believe in aliens visiting this planet? Do my parents believe AI will eventually soon be trillions of times beyond current humans? Do my parents believe we will be able to live forever soon? Do my parents believe what’s written on the financial news is meant to deceive? The number one thing my parents look to is whether “other” people believe something. That’s irrelevant. Einstein came up with his theories about the photoelectric effect, relativity and gravity when no one else believed them. The Wright brothers went on their quest for heavier than air flight when no one believed them. Steve Jobs went on his quest to make computers ubiquitous for consumers when no one believed him.

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