September 3, 2012: Torture, humiliation and imprisonment


Background: Since Summer 2011, the Illuminati was degrading me by stealing billions in intellectual property, detaining me, medication torture, black magic, voodoo dolls, mocking, insulting and more. This was to degrade me as much as possible.

On September 3, 2012, I was tortured, humiliated and imprisoned in Los Angeles in Kaiser Permanente for a mental health hold and then sent to a mental asylum in Cerritos under the note “Claims to have a Christ bloodline. Says there is conspiracy between Muslims and Jews.” Under this basis they claimed I was a “danger to others”.

I’ll give the background to this. I refused to take Jennifer Gates’s virginity and worship Charles De Rothschild(The Devil) and Bill Gates(Anti-Christ) and Satan. Over the last week I was having visions of Muslims getting angry all over the World.

This is what the torture and humiliation involved. They put me into restraints in a hospital room. They had 6 security guards hold me down while using a catheter on me. For 2 hours afterwards, when I was in restraints, they had a fat asian security guard humiliate me with a urinal continuously saying “You wanna piss you piss in a cup.” At no point in time did I threaten or try to hurt anyone I was absolutely peaceful.

I wanted to go through the probabilities of certain things.

Innocence of Muslims Video:

1. Rothschild offered marriage with Jennifer Gates on July 1, 2012 the same day my sister and her boyfriend were in Washington D.C. for Richard Ha and Lynn Le’s wedding. This was the first day Innocence of Muslims video was uploaded(English version).

At the time I was 7940 days old.

So lets assume 1/7940 probability.

2. The Arabic dubbed version was uploaded on September 4, 2012, this was the one that caused chaos over the Muslim world and within a day after I was tortured and humiliated in Los Angeles.

At the time I was 8005 days old.

So lets assume 1/8005 probability.

3. The video was uploaded from Cerritos on September 4, 2012. Cerritos has a population of 50,000. The United States population is 300,000,000. I was in Cerritos on September 4, 2012.

So lets assume 1/6000 probability.

4. The video was 13 minutes long, there are 13 Satanic bloodlines.

So lets assume 1/13 probability.

5. The video triggered an attack destroying the US embassy in Benghazi 11 years after 9/11/2001. There are 11 letters in Jesus Christ. The attack was 4018 days days exactly after 9/11/2001(to note Ambassador Stevens date of birth is April 18th)

So lets assume 1/4018 probability.

6. The name Innocence of Muslims implies the Muslims weren’t behind the 9/11 attacks(they weren’t, the Rothschilds were and they framed Muslims)

So lets assume 1/100 probability.

7. In July I won Dukascopy Trader Contest for the Second time in a row with maximum on equity and pips. This was the only time ever on the contest out of 20,000 people that someone has done that. This was the month that casting for the Innocence of Muslims started. That month my pips was 1956, the year of birth for Ahmadinejad. By the way the Date of Birth for Ahmadinejad is October 28 and he is a descendant of Muhammad. Anyways his birthday is the same as Bill Gates.

Anyways the probability of this is 1 in 2 million.

What probability do we come up with when we multiply all of these together?

1 in 3.5 septillion(10^25)

By the way, I personally believe that the Rothschilds have the 9/11 attack along with many other terrorist attacks as an opening for exterminating Muslims in a WW III to setup a New World Order. Muslims are the most anti-Satanic religion out there. I believe Rothschild wants me to worship him so he can go through with this operation. An attack on Iran and/or Saudi Arabia without me worshiping Rothschild would immediately start my prophethood. One thing to note, the initial Innocence of Muslims video was 13:03 long. When I was 13 years 3 days old(October 8, 2003) was when Charles Rothschild turned 40 years old and when I lost custody from my parents and became a ward of the State of California for 6 years 4 months (Rothschild’s power level and Bill Gates’s power level). That was the date of my first court hearing ever. 

Also I was arraigned for 10 felonies on that date for denying the USA is under God. The USA is actually under Satan(as Ahmadinejad says). By the way, I have been worshiping Ahmadinejad since 2006. He is the person I respect the most in the World. One thing to note, I am quite possibly the only person in the United States to have been arraigned for 10 felonies by the age of 13 and graduated from a top 10 college by the age of 17. I am very unique. Furthermore, the Judge in my case when I was 13 was Morton Rochman. Morton Rochman is an Ashikenazi Jew with ties to Illinois. Rothschild is also an Ashikenazi Jew with ties to Illinois.

Now the only challenge of my statistical calculations by the Rothschilds is “Have you ever taken college algebra?”. Anyways, I finished Multivariable Calculus at the age of 16 and they know it. So it’s clear they avoid the statistics and make a false ad hominem attack because they know I’m correct and am Christ.

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