Justice-seekers and righteous versus wicked and evil


Over the next year, I plan on removing all poverty, suffer, oppression and deception… forever. No longer will Satan’s temporary God status be valid. I’m not about hating. But think through things logically, Satanists hate God and hate God lovers. Essentially the wicked hate the righteous. Why can’t the righteous hate the wicked? I think it’s perfectly fair for the righteous to hate the wicked as that will be the only we can pave the way for the elimination of evil forever. Satan is the source of all sickness, poverty, oppression and deception. God promised and planned before the creation of humans(and even the Universe) that every human being ever will stand on the Day of Judgement and Day of Resurrection. Everyone will be judge justly based on everything in their life(thoughts and actions).  This wicked phase we in is not a complete spiral. There will be a complete reversal by surprise to humanity soon. The righteous and justice-seekers will get their appropriate reward. The evil will get their appropriate punishment. Everything will be balanced. I find Satanism sickening to the core and its annihilation is necessary for long-term prosperity in a move ever closer to perfection.

The singularity that many technologists have been talking about is the Kingdom of God. There will be eternal youth and abundance of money. There will just be hope, love and happiness forever. We will have infinite intelligence, full-immersion virtual reality, close to free energy/transportation, molecularly engineered/cultured food and more. Let me make this clear, I don’t like hating certain people just for the heck of it. The Satanists rightfully deserve their punishment. They deceive, lie, cheat, hurt, oppress and many more wicked things in the name of “authority”. They take a sick sense of pleasure in what they do. The wealth of the Satanic bloodlines could be used to completely eliminate poverty and suffering ages ago. The wasted money on wars could have been invested in better things such as artificial intelligence and speeding up the progression in Moore’s Law resulting in much higher living standards today. The Satanists feel that they should(and currently do) have a “monopoly” over “power” and “authority”. Just because they label Iraqis, Pakistanis, Afghanis and others as “terrorists” they feel their oppression of them is justifiable to the public in the West. They want people to give up their belief in God and worship Satan by inflicting harm. They have this delusional sense that their deity Satan will always lead them to victory. 

On another note, recently there has been major black magic attacks on my family. Today there was a 7.4 earthquake in Oaaxaca at 10:29 AM local time. The first cousin born after me has a date of birth of October 29th. My power level is while her’s is 4. Afterwards, my parents were under demonic possession. My parents were starting arguments with me using completely false premises. My mom kept saying…. “You’re autistic and mentally retarded(btw, mentally retarded is generally bottom .1% IQ while mine is in the 99.99th+ percentile)”. My dad kept saying… “Rothschild is a black con man who conned you through a prepaid phone”. For one thing Rothschild had me register a prepaid phone after he took my money but I never talked to him through it. I only talked to him on the my home phone once within 24 hours of my first mental health hold(May 17, 2012, Facebook IPO day, market cap priced at $105B, my date of brith) where he told me to “cooperate with the police and not cause any trouble”. At no point in time did Rothschild ever ask for money over the phone. When my parents lose arguments to me, they threaten to send me to a mental asylum or argue that they are right because they are my parent. Anyways, it’s clear the Rothschilds are trying to make me hate my parents and give up my belief in God. He knows that one thing blocking me from Satanism is the fear that my parents would die “soon” and not live forever with eternal youth in paradise.

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