Illuminati anxiety is growing: Detainment possible soon


I would like to torture, kill, imprison and/or humiliate anyone I want to. I’ll admit since I was a kid I have been fascinated with power. The reason the Illuminati is fearful of me is because I’ll wield a power way beyond anyone has ever had. After Judgement Day, I’ll be able to do just about anything I want to, to anyone I want to, for any reason whatsoever. I feel that I shouldn’t take personal vendetta against people. I have to review everyone that ever existed justly and equitably. I would want to review all the memories, actions, thoughts and perceptions of a person before levying a “penalty”. I plan on reviewing all human beings ever born(100B+) and make the decision of paradise or hellfire. No one would be able to stop me by any margin. And it’s not just people that won’t be able to stop. Nations won’t be able to stop me. 

Ray Kurzweil(Current Google’s Director of Engineering) estimated back in 2005 that the minimum computing power we will reach is 10^50 CPS per 2 pounds of computing material. He noted that we will see this by the middle of century. Right now humans are at 10^17 CPS for 2 pounds of computing material. One thing to note, our brains are electro-chemical. Computing today is electrical based on the channeling of electrons. Ray Kurzweil’s estimates were based on molecular computing and show a 10^33 times improvement over human brains. This is based on storing many pieces of data onto a subatomic particle. To give an idea, that is quadrillion quadrillion thousand fold improvement. It’s the equivalent of reviewing all human information ever within a microsecond. I go over these calculations to give an idea of how advancement an alien civilization can be.

However, now with quantum computing, Google currently “conservatively” expects we will be able to compute at 10^300 CPS per computer by 2030. Recently they made a quantum processor that was a billion times more powerful than the previous most powerful supercomputer. This puts things in a whole new spectrum. Most people can’t conceive of “super large” numbers, like beyond a million. They just think of it as “really large”. But lets put this into perspective, there is less than a googol(10^100) number of subatomic particles in the Visible Universe. The Visible Universe by the way is made up of 10^11+ galaxies which average at least 10^11+ stars each for a total of 10^22+ stars. Now this gets to the answer, how do we resurrect all the human beings that have died so far? Well the Universe is a simulation in a computer and all data that existed is saved. Black holes don’t even delete all information.

On another note, the Illuminati keeps noting the First Commandment ,“Thou shall not kill.”, as a sign that I shouldn’t go through with my plans. For one thing, the Commandments are in reference to civilians. It isn’t in reference to the “authorities” which is the position I will have after Judgement Day. Example, we have laws against killing in the United States, but the authorities still kill whether it be with by due process(trial) or without due process(military, shootings, etc.). Furthermore, the Bible notes that the death penalty is acceptable in circumstances such as black magic, adultery and murder. Beyond that, the Illuminati kills many innocent people. I only intend to kill bad people. So I don’t understand why they would have such a double standard and see themselves as the “higher authority” above me when they are of Satan. Let me make this clear, if killing good people is bad then killing bad people is good. I’m doing God’s work, okay. I have a job too. I’m a servant of God. The Satanists are doing Satan’s work. At least my work helps society. 

I saw the following post with the date of birth of Kobe Bryant and Rory Gates in it(The Secret Service came to my house on Kobe Bryant’s 40th birthday and the agent looked like Kobe Bryant. On another note I am 4426 days younger than Kobe Bryant. That is Microsoft founding date(April 4th), Avishek Dube’s birthday(April 4th) and Jenn Gates’s birthday(April 26th).

Los Angeles Sheriff Department is fashioning their weapons versus God and his allies…. $2 badges. I suspect they will come for a involuntary hold under the claim of an “anonymous tip”(this was also used for the first involuntary hold after I rejected Jenn Gates). The LASD keeps visiting my website excessively. This is a warning from Illuminati that they want me to “capitulate” and/or take my website down.

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