Los Angeles Sheriff Department $2 badge vs God


I have been aggressively rejecting Phoebe Gates(along with unlimited money) and asking for a public apology instead. Now they’re heating up and getting ready for a detainment. It’s amazing, some cowardly filthy thug hooligan flaunting a $2 badge at me makes them more powerful than all the Satanists and Israeli Jews combined. Because of these $2 hooligan badge flaunters, their cowardly masters end up suffering more and humiliated more, earlier and with more certainty. Well, come and get me. I’m claiming to be King of Jews. Charge me for blasphemy and jail me without bond. After I am found guilty… brutally torture, CRUCIFY and humiliate me while feeding me sour wine. Huh? What’s stopping you guys? Oh ya, Christ goes from suffering servant to conquering king in the Second Coming. Just as how Judgement Day marks the day where oppressors and oppressed change hands. I am perfectly ready to call in things 10,000+ times worse than Covid.

Anyways these are my demands of the Satanic bloodlines:

  1. Apologize for treatment and contempt of Christ.
  2. Apologize for contempt of God.
  3. Apologize for contempt of other Prophets.
  4. Apologize for contempt of religion.
  5. Apologize for treatment and contempt of humanity.
  6. Apologize for Russian Revolution, WW I, WW II, War on Terror.
  7. Apologize for 9/11, French, UK, Indian terrorist attacks.
  8. Apologize for NZ 2011 earthquake, Japan 2011 earthquake and Indian Ocean 2004 earthquake.
  9. Apologize for central banking, financial manipulation, fabricating news and insider trading.
  10. Apologize for worshiping Satan.

My offer: I give “leniency” after Judgement Day.

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