Islam is the true religion


I forgive my enemies. Everything they threw at me backfired. I am getting stronger, smarter, wiser at an accelerating pace. I still have to torture and humiliate my enemies for disparaging Allah, religion, prophets, righteous, oppressed, pious and the Universe. I take the Quran for 100% fact. I have experienced angels, sorcery, protection, revenge, fate, Allah, curses, Satan, signs, 11:11 and more. My enemies are losing at a rapidly accelerating pace. Since the multi-train crash in Odisha on June 2, the enemies are going on a frenzy. My dad is now refusing to talk to me unless I talk to the girls in the dating apps. The Satanists are casting black magic through the apps and girls. My dad just signed up for another dating app and the numbers are related to Facebook, Zuckerberg and me. Before I was punished in California for annoying people through the Felony Stalking statute. Now my dad is trying to force me to talk to girls. My dad lacks patience. For one thing I have already noted to my dad that I can’t date until I exterminate the Satanists.

Anyways, things otherwise are going pretty good. Justin Le Blanc keeps lying bigger and bigger and more and more. He is a professional liar and it appears the enemies are getting more desperate. He is claiming how I never helped anyone. For one thing, I have had a public trading track record in the 99.99th+ percentile since the age of 20. I have shown my intellectual property and trading secrets to thousands. I have refused any payment from people for my trading knowledge. My intellectual property is more valuable than any publicly trading company. I have it posted and sent to many people free of charge. He is claiming that I “never think about other people”. This is an absolute lie. For one thing, it is a universal statement that can only be confirmed through having access to my lifelong thoughts. I think thousands of times a month about other people. Furthermore, the Satanists stole over $15 trillion from me. Beyond that, I refused to let the Satanists start the New World Order and World War III thousands of times over. I have been persecuted extensively for righteousness.

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